All done and set to go!

A couple of minor changes here and there:-

– no more fanlistings, as I don’t have the time to maintain them all for now.
– no more wishlist at the moment (until I feel like making one).
– no Tag Board, since there’s comments enabled.
– instead of having links on the right navigation bar, I kept them in a separate Links page. The previous Sanity Asylum blog that’s not powered by WordPress will be available there as well, if you have a burning desire to read my previous blog.

Right now I’m pretty happy blogging with WordPress as I don’t have to manually put in all the html tags and codes. The only disadvantage is obviously difficulty of designing personalised themes/layouts.

Currently my new webhost, Oryon Networks, is still ironing out some kinks involving the transfer of domain (not their fault, really), but otherwise I’m quite happy with them at the moment. The connection to my site and FTP is really fast, and according to a lot of their clients, their servers hardly have any downtime at all. We’ll see how it goes. =D

New… stuff.

Like, wow.

New webhost.  New layout.

Haha!  Yeah, as you can see, I’ve switched to WordPress (as it is a lot easier to manage) in order to facilitate blogging-on-the-go in the future.  There’s still a lot of stuff to tweak, and I’ll blog more after I’m done with all the little adjustments here and there.

Laters.  ;)