Valentine’s Day “Activities”

After celebrating our V-day dinner last year at Suntec’s CrossTalk Cafe, which was cosy and quiet (and cheap!), we decided to go to somewhere different this year.

This time, we headed to Gillman Village, for a nice dinner at Brazil Churrasco.

Gillman Village sign… which looked a bit broken from this angle.

Brazil Churrasco!

The dinner was a buffet spread of 14 different cuts of beef, together with beef sausages, piping hot yet awfully tender chicken thighs, fish, pineapples… The passadors just kept coming with the meat! I had a few helpings to some beef rump, beef sausages and chicken, before I gave up and attacked the salad bar, which was filled with delectable lady’s fingers, potato salad, banana fritters (yummy!!~~) and many, many more. It’s safe to say that I can easily be full just getting food from the salad bar.

The Valentine’s dinner package comes with a bottle of red wine for every couple as well, and it’s my first time drinking red wine, really. I had tried red wine previously but argh, I’m really not a wine person. This time, I watched with trepidation as the waiter poured the red wine into my wineglass. However, after the first sip, I realised it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. So… I ended up drinking quite a bit. Haha! Reko, on the other hand, is a champagne person more than a wine person, but even he said that the wine was pretty good. So he ended up drinking quite a bit too.

Nah, we didn’t finish the whole bottle. Only half of it. Well… we don’t really wanna get too drunk, you know? :D

After the dinner, we decided to walk off some of the calories (and guilt, on my part, for eating so many banana fritters), and so we went to walk on the famous Southern Ridges, walking from the Alexandra Arch to the Henderson Waves, before heading back home. Below are some of the pictures which I had taken of the Alexandra Arch.

Alexandra Arch

It’s pink this time!

Upclose, when the lights turned purple.


All in all, it’s quite an enjoyable and different (in a sense) Valentine’s Day. We’ve yet to buy the gifts from each other, because we both haven’t really decided what we wanted. XD He has just way too many things to buy, so he’s trying to figure out which one to buy first. As for me, I’ll have to wait till my mom decides to throw away my sis’ bed in my room, before I have space to get another new PC. :D (Yes, he’s buying a whole new unit of PC for me, together with a spanking new LCD monitor.)

Well, it’s our third Valentine’s together (at least IRL, not online), and… we are still trying to find new ways to celebrate it. Let’s hope things won’t get dull anytime soon!

More About Tooth Extraction and… WoW.

One thing bad about WordPress is that… you have to put some kind of subject heading there.  I can never think of any, so I either came up with lame ones or… I can’t be arsed.

I’m recovering quite fast from the tooth extraction, even though yesterday it was pain as hell.  After a good night’s sleep, I woke up this morning feeling way better.  Reko bought me hotcakes from McDonald’s, and what usually would have taken me 10 minutes to finish, I had took about 30 minutes to finish 3 hotcakes.  Simply because I had to cut them up into really small pieces before I can eat them.  Argh.  And I had to give up my hashbrown to Reko coz it was too “hard” for me to chew.  My hashbrown!!!  *sniff*  The sweet guy then ordered pasta from Pizza Hut for me for dinner.  Again, it took a longer time than usual, but at least I was able to eat most of it.

It was still a tad achey for the whole day today, though it’s a vast improvement from the pain I felt yesterday.  At least I was able to brush my teeth properly just now and could floss too!  Damn, I felt so odd not being able to floss yesterday coz I can’t open my mouth wide enough.

Let’s hope that tomorrow it won’t be achey anymore.  Then I can have that sumptious department lunch on Monday!  I want my sharks’ fin!!

Today, Reko finally hit level 74 on his warrior, and we were able to get to the new main town, Dalaran, in the latest World of Warcraft expansion.  Yeah, I know the expansion was out months ago, but it’s not like we were in a hurry to get level 80 or something.

Dalaran was… interesting.  Well, it has interesting vendors, nice music, but uh, I absolutely hate human/alliance buildings.  They were so freaking small!  The stairways are narrow, building entrances are small, and not to mention the town layout is as complicated as hell.  I get a headache just running around there, trying to get my bearings.  Gah.

Ah well, at least I got my bear mount.  Hur hur.  And now, to save for that cold-flying skill at level 77, as well as for the epic flying skill… zzz.  5k gold for that.  How the hell am I gonna get that huge amount of money >_>?!  Pssshh.

On a totally unrelated note…


I feel so deprived.

New Layout

Yeah, changed my layout because of below:-

  • Old layout was a little cluttered;
  • I was bored;
  • I am in a hell lot of pain;
  • This layout looks simple and nice

I should try and sleep this pain off.  If… I can fall asleep, that is.

ToofDoctor – Quite possibly the best Dental Clinic

… in Singapore, at least.

I got my upper right wisdom tooth out today.  Well technically, an hour ago, in a spacious white room, on a comfy big white dentist chair, looking up into a huge iMac monitor (with iTunes on), and very nice, soothing classical music in the background.

The dental clinic that I went to is ToofDoctor.  I’ve been to a fair number of dental clinics in Singapore, and I must say I’m most impressed with this one.  They have a couple of outlets around, and the one I went to is at Tanjong Pagar.

It was first recommended to me by Reko, who used to work around there.  Initially, I was quite worried that it’s another dental clinic who will charge “caucasian prices” when they see Reko, but no, that’s not the case. He had his wisdom tooth extraction there too, and when he still felt pain for the next few days, he went back and the dentist re-examined him for free.  Now, that’s what I call “after-sales customer service”.  They can easily charge him the standard consultation fee or something, but no they did not.  This gave me a very good impression of them.

After my horrendous wisdom tooth surgery experience with NTUC Denticare (Marine Parade branch), I decided to switch to ToofDoctor, since my company had increased our dental claim amount to S$250.00 per year.  And I’m glad I made the change.  The receptionists are always very friendly and they are never once without a smile on their face when you walk into the clinic.  My dentist, Dr Choy, is also a very nice and gentle guy, who gave me a lot of reassurance about this extraction after he heard my ordeal with the previous dental clinic.

He promised a painless extraction, and painless it is.  Well, at least during the process.  I’m feeling quite a bit of the pain now that the anesthetic is wearing off.  Well, there’s the painkillers, but Reko advised me not to take them unless it’s really too painful to bear.

My wisdom tooth was extraordinarily big, and even the dentist commented so.  It had a 3-root canal, which gave him a bit of trouble when he was trying to get it out.  XD  Anyway, it’s out now, and here I am enjoying a 1 day MC, typing this entry with an empty stomach while biting on a blood-soaked gauze.

Hur hur.  Envious?  :D

It’s Confirmed!

Yes! The summer trip is confirmed!

I know it’s getting late and I should be sleeping already, but I’m just too excited now.

Air tickets have been booked, and I’ll be departing from SG to Osaka (via SIA) to Helsinki (via Finnair) from 16th June, and coming back to SG on 28th.

Can’t wait to see how Midsummer’s Festival is being celebrated in Finland, and to visit Reko’s summer cottage (and that stretch of beach that “belongs” to them :D).

And now, the only uncertain thing is the December Christmas trip, as we haven’t book the airtickets nor hotel yet. I’m really dying to see the real Santa Claus Village… let’s hope we’ll be able to get the tickets and hotel soon!

Oh Noes…

Why isn’t my Chinese characters showing up?

Argh, this is frustrating… I’ve checked the support forums, and it seems like currently the only way is to either reinstall WordPress via FTP (which is quite a complicated process) or to tweak the config.php (which might do some irreversible damage to the database).  Even though I have made my own backup, I still lack the courage to make that change…

Aaaaahhh… guess I’ll have to stick with English posts for now…