Trying to move on… Trying.

I thought I have somewhat moved on.

But I guess it wouldn’t be so easy.

I still miss my Dad. I still tear up while thinking of him.

I tried to occupy my time with other things. I tried to start updating my trip journal for the Japan trip in November. But I couldn’t. I guess the trip was too close to my Dad’s incident for comfort.

I don’t know when will I be able to update the blog for that trip.

Maybe I really should have listened to my instincts and cancel/postpone that trip…

I love you Dad.

My beloved dad, who passed away on 23rd November 2018, at 23:48 at Changi Hospital.

Sudden, but at least not much suffering, which is good for him.

Perhaps I have yet to come to terms with the loss. I cried a bit here and there. But not too much yet.

I’ll miss him for sure.

But I’ll be strong. For him, for mom, for the family, for the house, for everything that he had left behind, so that he can go on his way to rebirth peacefully.

Hope he will reincarnate into a good family, get good education and take care of his health this time!

I don’t think I’ll get to reincarnate into human again after my death (I’m not that great a person this life), so I don’t think I will be his daughter again. But I totally wouldn’t mind, even though it was infuriating in the past!

I love you, Dad. 一路好走。

Happy Birthday… To Me

Yup. Just as what the title says.

I’m gonna spend my birthday in…. Bedok Polyclinic.  Sigh.  I took this leave since January (I try not to work on my birthdays), but well, now I need to bring my dad to the polyclinic for his blood test and doctor’s appointment to check on his kidney function.

Well not that I have anything much to do at home anyway.

My Tokyo trip is in 3 days’ time! It’s just a 5.25 days trip (0.25 day because we only reach Tokyo at around 4pm, and by the time we reach the hotel it’ll already be around 6+pm, hurhur) though.  Wish it’s longer! Too bad someone didn’t have much leave days to take… *sulks*


Dreaming… Part 1

Watched a bit of Canada Cup last night.  Stayed up specially to watch Fujimura’s first round of games in the Pool.  Went to bed after he won his first set of games.

….. And dreamt about him for the entire night.

So weird.  It’s not like I was actively thinking about him throughout the day.  But yet for the entire night of sleep, the dream just kept continuing despite me waking up briefly in the middle of the night.  It felt… quite real.  But of course it’s just a dream (and some wishful thinking obviously) after all…



SEA Major 2018 / FGC

Attended Gamestart Asia 2018 for Sea Major 2018 – for the first time I stayed there from morning till late night, and only at the SFV booth, watching the pools going on till end of the day.

Saw the current legends and top pros like Tokido, Daigo, Fujimura (!!!!), Sako etc in real life, feels so unreal.  At one point, Tokido was standing next to me.  Sako walked right in front of me.  Fujimura was just sitting right in front of me and I could totally stick out my hand to tap his shoulder to talk to him (but I didn’t).  Xian brushed shoulders with me.  Gachikun is so short in real life!  Chocoblanka’s vocals are…. er…. hmmm…. okay never mind.

For once, it feels like these pro players are not so out of my league after all.

But then again, spending a day there also makes me realise that FGC is such a close knit community that we, as spectators, will have zero chance of barging into this community to claim a spot unless you are either friends with the pro players or you appear as a spectator often enough in every pro tour events and has the courage to talk to them.

That said, I was still glad I went.

Here’s some photos!

Watching Tokido’s back while he was getting prepared for his match

Fujimura sitting down and watching other players’ matches with Mago-san

Fujimura’s turn to play!

BigBird won the Opens on 13th Oct, while Gachikun won the Regional Final on 14th.  I was only there on the 13th – and even though we stayed till 9.30pm, we couldn’t catch the end of it because it was really way too late.  It was fortunate that we went home instead of waiting for the Top 8 to start, because the whole thing ended at around 1+am in the morning!

We were worried about the delays again on the 14th, and from the schedule the Regional Finals would only start at 6.30pm on 14th. So we decided to skip going to the actual event (despite already paid for the tickets) in case it got delayed too much. If only we both had applied for leave from work the next day… sigh.

That said, it was really fun watching the pros play in real life.  You get so up close and personal with them.  If I had enough courage, I would already have gotten photos with so many of them!  But oh well… hope I’ll have the chance to attend these events again soon, not just in Singapore, but in Japan too!

Office Renovation

So our office is going for a major renovation soon… I’ve got too many barang barang after being here for more than 15 years.

Managed to clear quite a bit already….

So empty right! I feel a sense of accomplishment lol.

But after renovation, it’s 100% for sure that I won’t have a seat next to the window anymore. Sigh… There goes my frequent photo taking of the Marina Bay skyline….

Here’s one more to add to my collections then, while I still can!

TI Staycation!

Got a staycation coming up this weekend, just to watch TI!  Hope I can sleep earlier and wake up at around 2~3am to catch all the action on Sat/Sun! Will try and remember to post some pictures here – need to update my blog more!

Already August

I can’t tell if time passes fast, or slow.

It seems fast – it’s already August now.  It was almost yesterday when we just started year 2018!

But it seems so slow…. there’s still 3 more months to my Japan trip!  Ugh……

Can’t really describe my feelings right now.

Cleared my work pretty fast this month… now I’m just waiting for my boss to pull the supplier’s aging report so that I can work on the SOA recon.  Otherwise I’m just sitting here with nothing to do, especially when there’s no emails from suppliers…

Bored out of my mind… wish I could just get home now to play my POE Incursion Flashback event.