Almost a year…

It was September 2019 when I last updated this blog.

Never found any motivation to update it ever since.

Went on a Hokkaido trip with my Mom and Bruno in Oct’2019, got delayed when coming back due to a typhoon, slept over at Narita Airport, and then chaos ensued after I came back – didn’t really have time to write anything at all.

Some stuff that had happened:-

  • I’ve ended things with Bruno. We are merely good friends now, and probably met up like once a month or something.
  • Covid-19 happened. Everyone knows about this, there’s nothing much to say. I’m just glad I have been wearing a mask on public transport since I came back from Japan last year. Not gonna change this habit any time soon.
  • Cancelled our Taiwan trip which was supposed to happen in March 2020. Was pretty sad about it but it was also a relief at the same time. It was kinda stressful to travel with my cousins…
  • Don’t foresee any travelling anytime soon due to 1) Oracle project at work; 2) well, Covid-19.
  • Singapore went into semi-lockdown mode called Circuit Breaker in end March, and lasted till 2nd June. We had to work from home for about 2 months – and it was during this time I got closer (slightly – on my end only I suppose) with Japheth, someone whom I’ve never even talk to when we were in office previously. I suppose I should thank IMOS?
  • Now I’m back in office everyday, even though the work that I’m doing can be done at home. Oh well.

Talking about Japheth… all I can say is he’s really a nice person. He isn’t good looking, but he has a very positive personality. I didn’t know I cared about him until one day while WFH, I heard his voice being very different over a video call. It was almost like he was soul-less, and sounded so tired. I still did not talk to him much at that time, but I decided to just send him a private message on Teams to see if he’s okay and if he’s tired. His simple reply: “Yeah, tired.”

I supposed he was totally bogged down by IMOS issues, and literally everyone in office was calling him and asking him to help with IMOS (well I was one of them). It was kinda alarming to hear that such a positive young man suddenly sounding so depressed. I immediately reached out to his lunch kaki whom I was on closer terms with to alert him about this, and told him to let Japheth’s manager know that he’s being overwhelmed. One thing led to another, and I think his manager did reached out to him to make sure he’s okay. A day later he sounded better – thank goodness.

Slowly though, I started to chat more with him and slowly opened up to him. He was a great person to talk to and to confide in, even though he doesn’t talk that much to me. So most of the time it was a one-way street haha. It’s awesome that he’s got a very cute girlfriend though – hope they’ll get married soon! They both look so cute together. =)

Got him a Tiramisu on his birthday last Thursday 2nd July. I don’t think he ended up eating it though… or maybe it wasn’t that nice. Didn’t hear any feedback from him… LOL.

Oh well, I suppose there’s just a limit of how friendly I should be. I’ve done my best and if he’s not interested in striking a friendship outside of work, then I guess I shall not insist.

Went for Restaurant Week lunch with Bruno yesterday at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse again. Impeccable service, lovely complimentary warm salty bread, perfectly done steak, and to-die-for bread and butter pudding as dessert. The meal was so good! Wish I had it with a romantic partner though. But at the rate things are going, and at how I deal with relationship issues… I suppose I’ll just be alone till the end of time. Which I am okay with. Just sometimes, I fantasize otherwise, you know? Heh…

Office Renovation

So our office is going for a major renovation soon… I’ve got too many barang barang after being here for more than 15 years.

Managed to clear quite a bit already….

So empty right! I feel a sense of accomplishment lol.

But after renovation, it’s 100% for sure that I won’t have a seat next to the window anymore. Sigh… There goes my frequent photo taking of the Marina Bay skyline….

Here’s one more to add to my collections then, while I still can!

Tired as hell

It’s been a hectic two months… I was so busy at work.  New colleague came in on 25th May and I had been spending entire days teaching her from scratch.

Finally managed to finish teaching all the basic stuff yesterday.  Finally had time to take a breather.


Well in the meantime while all these were happening, I have booked yet another trip (?!) to Japan this coming November.  Haha!  Initially it was supposed to be just a last-minute-planned short Hong Kong trip, but as I was looking through the airticket and hotel bookings and overall costs, I realise with just bit more money thrown in, I could go for a simple Tokyo trip! So after a quick discussion with Bruno (he was also willing to save and splurge a bit more for Japan!), we decided to switch our year end short holiday break from Hong Kong to Japan (Tokyo – Asakusa only, to be precise).

Airtickets were becoming expensive and the promo fares that SQ/ANA were offering were long snapped up with others.  What’s left are regular airfares which are really too expensive.  Thankfully JAL still has reasonably-priced airtickets, so I managed to get them! Also, we picked Red Planet hotel to stay as the trip will be in my birthday month and Red Planet offers a whopping 45% discount off their prices to members during birthday month.  So I managed to save quite a bit despite choosing to stay in a pretty popular area.

The itinerary that I’ve drawn up isn’t too ambitious.  I wanted it to be more relaxed but somehow one thing led to another and we ended up having a pretty packed itinerary!  Not that we will be rushing to and fro like headless chickens though, but I have wished it could have been more relaxing… can’t be helped though, there’s really too many things to do/see, and too little time!

So now, what’s left is just the waiting….. 5 more agonizing months to the trip.  Ohhhh it’s time to start that countdown timer widget at the bottom too.

New Phone. New Job Scope. Busy As Hell.

The title says it all.

On a side note, I have updated the Taipei trip in my travel blog.  Feel free to read.

My new phone is my first Huawei phone. So far it’s quite all right.  I bought it for it’s OIS feature in its camera. It was difficult to search for its accessories though… but otherwise the phone seems pretty decent.  Here’s an obligatory shot:

Not bad eh? At least it doesn’t have that irritating blue tint that my Samsung Note 4 used to have when talking photos from this tinted glass at my office.

I’ve got a new job scope – and…. I don’t feel like talking about it right now because it reminded me that I have many things yet to be done and I should be doing them now.  So… I’ll elaborate about it at some point.  For now, I’m just busy as hell….

Bored…. At Work

I’ve nothing to do at work.


God, this is so boring.  I’ve done all my work, and now it’s really just a lull period, till month end when we’ll start to do our quarter-end closing. Meh, but before that… I’m just bored.

Amended the side bar background a little – changed the picture to reflect the current season “Fall”.  I think it looks pretty nice, yes?  I’ve changed the text background colour from black to grey as well, so that it’s easier on the eyes with white-ish fonts.

It’s not good being bored… I’m so tempted go visit Taobao to browse the items, and if I do that, most likely I’ll just buy more unnecessary stuff.

Counting down to my Japan trip…

5 years down the road


I was browsing through the old comments, when I found an old gaming friend commenting on one of my blog entries which I had almost forgotten about.

The blog entry is here:  A Random Mix  (Fourth paragraph onwards)

I really had forgotten about this conversation until now, when I re-read it again.  It has been, what, 5.5 years after I posted that?  And I’m still here in this company, working with the same bunch of people.  And yes I’m still myself, being as efficient/capable as before and not pretending to be dumb or stupid.

No, I don’t mince my words or act humble when it comes to work.  I know my strengths as well as weakness.  I don’t pretend to be all “no la I where got so good” when I know I am good.  And yes, this is still pissing the rest of my colleagues off, but hey, I don’t care how they think of me now.  I’ve been doing my work just fine, and well, they can try to backstab me if they want to, but they can’t do anything to me when it comes to work.  My shields are always solid, up and ready, even against people in my own department. I know my work inside out, something which I daresay they don’t.  They’ve no idea what they are doing – they are only following what I do, copying my templates.  Heck, they even need to take my emails and use them as templates when they are sending formal emails out to suppliers or to other departments.  So unless they can reach or catch up to my level of understanding and consistency at work, they can try all they want to badmouth / backstab me, and I’m still immune to it.

I didn’t survive in this company/position for 11 years out of luck or due to strings being pulled, you know. ;)

11 years in this company, in this department, and I’ve found out that there’s no true friendship between colleagues in the same department.  They are all friendly towards each other on the surface, always gossip with each other during lunch, but if one day someone in that group is absent, you’ll find the entire group gossiping negative stuff about the one who isn’t there.  Such hypocrisy.  I’m so glad I wasn’t part of it.

So yes, I’m still sticking around, going about in my own merry way, getting things done before deadlines, settling in this small, warm, cosy corner where the shelf partition hides me from plain view.

Working life isn’t that bad after all, sometimes.  :mrgreen:

Burnt out!

I need my holidays, dammit.

I’ve only got ONE overseas vacation this year, and it was the Taiwan trip in June.  I’m feeling so burnt out at work now and I’m totally dreading the days. My boss and supervisor had been asking me “Are you all right?” and “Why are you looking so dead?  Is something wrong?” during the appraisal, and I simply got no answer for them except “I’m burnt out, I think”.

Yes, seriously.

I like mundane, routine work.  I don’t really like things that challenge my brain.  Haha.  My brain CAN work if it has to.  It just doesn’t like to.  So it’s perfectly fine doing the work that I’m doing now.  Requires a bit of brainwork here and there – but still manageable for the time being.  It’s just that… I need to recharge every now and then for doing these same things over and over again.

Beginning of the month (for two weeks) – Work my ass off to do closing for the previous month.

Third and fourth week of the month – Work on the piling invoices in our e-system as well as the physical ones.

Then the cycle repeats.  Day in, day out, month in, month out.

Yes like I said, I’m fine doing the routine work.  BUT I NEED MY BREAKS.  I NEED MY VACATIONS.

Gah.  =_=

And then things got worse when one week of vacation / away from work = THOUSANDS of e-invoices in the system pending for your return.  *faints*  I had to lug my Alienware brick for overseas holidays as I need to clear these invoices at night WHILE vacationing.  Not that I mind, but it DOES dampen the holiday mood a little.  But if I don’t, it’ll dampen the holiday mood even further as there’s this nagging worry at the back of my mind that I won’t be able to clear the backlog when I get back to work.


There seems to be good news in the pipeline….

According to my colleague (who spoke to another colleague in a different department), she had been asked by my boss to concentrate fully on invoices only.  I’ll have to be brutally honest here, she’s really too slow and totally couldn’t cope with what the rest of us are doing, despite her being a “senior” and working in this work scope for a year already.  Heck, even our NEW colleague who came in for just about 3 months is performing way better than her.  She’s totally lost in all the concepts and calculations – and it makes one wonder why is she even holding the “senior” title.  Like seriously, just because the rest of us are senior too?  Yeah she was senior back then in payments team, but why the hell did the company give her the same title when she transferred over to a totally NEW capacity?

OK sorry for the rant, but this is something I felt unfair since the beginning.

Anyway, according to her, she has agreed to fully take on the AP role, aka only concentrates on processing invoices.  There are six of us doing the same portfolio (just that everyone has their own list of vessels to care for), and according to her, the only male colleague, the new colleague and I will be FULLY concentrating on just the vessel accounting/reporting.  We will NOT need to touch invoices anymore, as they will be done by this colleague. The other two ladies will still maintain their responsibilities – doing both AP and reporting.  The catch is probably the three of us will have more vessels to work on as this slow colleague’s portfolio will be given and shared among us.

I’m hoping that this will really be executed as planned, BECAUSE THAT MEANS I CAN GO ON MY HOLIDAYS WITHOUT HAVING TO LUG A LAPTOP ALONG.  Although this also means that the first two weeks of the month will even be busier than ever, the downside is we’ll be slacking (like, really slacking) for the third and fourth week………..

Oh well we’ll see how this pans out to be.  For now I’m just hoping this will really be happening, coz I don’t wanna go buy a laptop just to bring for work when I’m supposed to be overseas holidaying…. >_<