Trying to move on… Trying.

I thought I have somewhat moved on.

But I guess it wouldn’t be so easy.

I still miss my Dad. I still tear up while thinking of him.

I tried to occupy my time with other things. I tried to start updating my trip journal for the Japan trip in November. But I couldn’t. I guess the trip was too close to my Dad’s incident for comfort.

I don’t know when will I be able to update the blog for that trip.

Maybe I really should have listened to my instincts and cancel/postpone that trip…

Tired as hell

It’s been a hectic two months… I was so busy at work.  New colleague came in on 25th May and I had been spending entire days teaching her from scratch.

Finally managed to finish teaching all the basic stuff yesterday.  Finally had time to take a breather.


Well in the meantime while all these were happening, I have booked yet another trip (?!) to Japan this coming November.  Haha!  Initially it was supposed to be just a last-minute-planned short Hong Kong trip, but as I was looking through the airticket and hotel bookings and overall costs, I realise with just bit more money thrown in, I could go for a simple Tokyo trip! So after a quick discussion with Bruno (he was also willing to save and splurge a bit more for Japan!), we decided to switch our year end short holiday break from Hong Kong to Japan (Tokyo – Asakusa only, to be precise).

Airtickets were becoming expensive and the promo fares that SQ/ANA were offering were long snapped up with others.  What’s left are regular airfares which are really too expensive.  Thankfully JAL still has reasonably-priced airtickets, so I managed to get them! Also, we picked Red Planet hotel to stay as the trip will be in my birthday month and Red Planet offers a whopping 45% discount off their prices to members during birthday month.  So I managed to save quite a bit despite choosing to stay in a pretty popular area.

The itinerary that I’ve drawn up isn’t too ambitious.  I wanted it to be more relaxed but somehow one thing led to another and we ended up having a pretty packed itinerary!  Not that we will be rushing to and fro like headless chickens though, but I have wished it could have been more relaxing… can’t be helped though, there’s really too many things to do/see, and too little time!

So now, what’s left is just the waiting….. 5 more agonizing months to the trip.  Ohhhh it’s time to start that countdown timer widget at the bottom too.

Happy 2018!

Obligatory post!

Happy new year!

This will be the first year where NO TRIPS are being planned beforehand.  Bruno needs to find a new job and save some money. This is also a year where there’ll be much changes at work.  I’m trying not to feel too stressed about it though.

I was thinking of perhaps going on a solo short trip to Helsinki this year end for a white Christmas, but then the airticket price is REALLY rather off-putting.  Geez.  S$1,270 for a return trip. I can get a 2 pax return airticket to Japan at that price! Yes I know Finland is halfway across the world.. but meh, spending over a thousand dollars for less than a week’s trip sounds really not-that-worth… Meh, we’ll see.

Back from Taipei

So I’m back from Taiwan.

Fell sick while I was there, and also realised at the same time that my phone camera is dying.  Focus is shit, and it lags the whole phone.


Time for a new handphone….?

I need to get the trip written in the travel journal.  But I’m lazy, as usual.  HA HA.

We’ll see if I’ll ever get to it….

Monthly Update!

And I’m pleased to say I’ve written the Hong Kong trip journal! Huehue… it’s a half-assed effort though.  I’ve been to Hong Kong so many times already, that I really got bored just writing about it.  Nevertheless, it’s done, it’s up, and it’s here.

Nothing much lately, just that I’ve already bought the airtickets to Taipei this November.  Gonna save up more money now – there’s still the Finland trip that I owed Reko and his sister! Won’t be going for any staycations or short holidays from now till the Taipei trip end of this year.  So hopefully I can save a bit of money here and there.


Well heyyyyyy I’m back!

Back from Hong Kong, actually. Haha.. my annual pilgrimage! Btw I’ve already finished up the Japan blog – you can read it here. It has all the links to the various day-posts.  The write up is a little hasty, but hope you’ll at least enjoy reading and viewing the pictures!

Now that I’m back from Hong Kong, I wonder if I should post up another travel post regarding the Hong Kong trip.  I have been there so many times already though!  I’ll think about it, haha.

Came back on Thursday, and worked my ass off on Thursday night to clear my work as for the first time, I did not work while I was on holiday.  I continued clearing my emails and invoices on Friday, before heading to meet Bruno in the evening for the movie John Wick: Chapter 2.  Not a bad movie, not bad at all.  Actually all the action and stunts are very believable.  I was quite impressed.  :3

Went to TCM today and then straight to office to finish up my work again.  Argh tired as hell.  Tomorrow meeting Bruno again to watch DOTA 2 SLI Starladder season 3 finals.  No rest for the weary. T_T


Mini Update

Just a mini update – I’m heading to Hong Kong this Friday for 7 days! It’s almost like my annual pilgrimage, lol. Though I should really finish up my Japan trip blog!  Damn I should stop procrastinating….

Finally A Decent Update

Well Happy New Year!

I’ve finally finished my FY2016 closing, did all the reconciliations etc… and now I finally have some free time!

I’ll probably be writing up the Japan trip journal soon (gonna take some time!), but generally the trip was cold (colder than I expected!) yet relaxing.  Don’t really wanna hide anything so yeah, the person who went with me on the trip was Bruno.  Nope, we are not together (you wouldn’t believe how many have been asking this).  We are not sleeping together either.  Okay, literally speaking, we are, considering we do share a bed now and then at staycations or holiday, but we don’t touch each other.  (Believe it or not, it’s up to you.  Those who know me very well will know that it’s perfectly possible.)  We are really very good friends, that’s all, and we respect our friendship.  After the failed r/s with Bear, I kinda realised that being very good friends don’t mean it should naturally develop into something romantic.  In fact, it can kill off the friendship if the romanticism turns sour, like what happened between Bear and I.  So I didn’t want that to happen between Bruno and I, hence our friendship is going to remain as it is now.  He isn’t interested in a relationship either, because he felt he couldn’t contribute much to it.  He is, after all, just an artist and artist positions are being exploited badly here.  His salary is really rather low, and he felt it’s unfair for the girl if he couldn’t provide much for her.

Anyway, going overseas with a person makes you see the person clearer.  And it also makes you see yourself clearer.  In my past overseas trips, I always find myself lashing out at my travel partner – regardless who they are.  I’ve always thought it’s really just my temper – and it’s better for me to travel alone. For this Japan trip, I also nearly lashed out at him once, but it didn’t develop into a full scale eruption / argument.  Turns out that he knew what made me frustrated – I was too stressed about getting to a particular place within a stipulated time.  I started snapping at him while I was trying to make a decision (but too flustered to make one).  I threw all sorts of possibilities at him to let him know that those were my concerns, and he ended up making the decision for us.  That kinda calmed me down a little, because like, FINALLY, someone is taking responsibility of making decisions, and not just relying on me.  He knows I can make decisions. and he also knows that I’d like him to share some of that responsibilities too.  So even though he’s not a very vocal person, he will make those decisions if I purposely throw it out to him.  That’s kinda nice, you know?

I was supposed to be going to Finland, but that will have to be shelved for quite a bit because we have plans for other places. I’m still saving up bit by bit for that Finland trip though!  I would love to bring Bruno to Finland too, I think he will love it there as well.  And hopefully to introduce him to Reko, and let these two artists talk their hearts out.  Both are passionate when it comes to what they are doing… to the point of sticking to it even though it’s not working out as nicely as they wanted it to be in life.  Maybe these two can work together in some projects or something… I don’t know.  One can hope!  :D

I missed Finland quite a bit… and I missed Reko, his mom and his sister quite a fair bit too.  Why is it always so expensive to travel to Europe?  =(

I’m Back!

So I’m back from Japan!

It’s a wonderful, relaxing trip, and I was so amazed by how clean the country is, how punctual their trains are (to the exact minute, goodness me), how systematic everything is, and how generally polite everyone was. Oh, and did I mention I love their warm toilet seats?  And how amazing their toilet technology was?  I think the only thing I kinda dislike about Japan is that their toilet paper was sooooo thin.  Okay, it’s made from recycled paper and it makes it easier to flush down the toilet bowl, but still, it’s so horribly thin that I felt guilty pulling so much of it just to wipe myself, lol.

But yeah, I’ll probably find some time to do the trip journal with pictures!  Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to do it.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, everyone!  =)