Already August

I can’t tell if time passes fast, or slow.

It seems fast – it’s already August now.  It was almost yesterday when we just started year 2018!

But it seems so slow…. there’s still 3 more months to my Japan trip!  Ugh……

Can’t really describe my feelings right now.

Cleared my work pretty fast this month… now I’m just waiting for my boss to pull the supplier’s aging report so that I can work on the SOA recon.  Otherwise I’m just sitting here with nothing to do, especially when there’s no emails from suppliers…

Bored out of my mind… wish I could just get home now to play my POE Incursion Flashback event.

Test post from app!

Just testing from my mobile phone… Seeing if this works?

I’ll add in a photo just for the sake of testing….yup.

My uh, collection of King’s Avatar (全职高手)! Loving this Chinese animation / web novel. Have finished reading all 1700++ chapters online, but now rereading it! And still loving it!


So yup, as what I mentioned in my previous blog post, there had been a change in my job scope this year.  Instead of processing invoices, now invoice processing has been delegated to my supervisor, while Benson and I took over HER responsibilities.  Reason being she wasn’t able to produce the work that my boss expected from her…  She was supposed to do suppliers reconciliation every year (every month, in fact), but she refused to do it, citing time restriction/limitation as the reason.  So now, that particular duty falls to us.  On top of that, I have to also create ledger cards and maintain the counterparty system, which was something she had been doing all along as well.

So in other words, we are kio-ing her sai, yes.


But honestly, now that I don’t need to do daily invoice processing, my time has been freed up tremendously.  I have days where I literally has nothing to do.  Meh. I’ll see how it goes after CNY.  I have absolutely no mood to learn anything new now anyway.

My dad was warded again.  Apparently he had another silent heart attack….and this time his symptoms were worse than back in August.  I’m not sure what or how to feel about it. I think… 随缘吧。

I’ve been singing a lot at those M-Bar individual KTV booths!  A little expensive but it’s so flexible.  No need for prior booking, no need for a 2hr / 3hr block session etc.

Oh, and I’ve been playing this Travel Frog game Tabikaeru.  I love the froggy so much that I installed it on both my phones! LOL. The froggy is so cute! <3

Yeah the points are a little all over the place in this post… but I don’t really give a damn.  Not really in a mood to write much.

Happy Chinese New Year to all in advance, I guess…?


Happy 2018!

Obligatory post!

Happy new year!

This will be the first year where NO TRIPS are being planned beforehand.  Bruno needs to find a new job and save some money. This is also a year where there’ll be much changes at work.  I’m trying not to feel too stressed about it though.

I was thinking of perhaps going on a solo short trip to Helsinki this year end for a white Christmas, but then the airticket price is REALLY rather off-putting.  Geez.  S$1,270 for a return trip. I can get a 2 pax return airticket to Japan at that price! Yes I know Finland is halfway across the world.. but meh, spending over a thousand dollars for less than a week’s trip sounds really not-that-worth… Meh, we’ll see.























就。。。 走一步算一步吧。有一天,是一天。


Just want to say…

… Thank you for being here throughout this difficult period. Thanks for coming over to spend time with me when I couldn’t go out. Thanks for being so patient and understanding even when I snapped at you because I was frustrated about other things.

Thank you. =)


So, my dad got 2 stents in his arteries, and was discharged last Saturday.  Technically his heart is still very weak and operating at a very low efficiency, but since he’s a super laid back person, I think he’ll be fine. I hope so.

Coincidentally, after the TCM doctor changed my medicine again last Saturday, I was having trouble sleeping yet again (initially I was still able to doze a little on and off throughout the night) – I mean, I slept, but only for like 4 hours before I woke up and couldn’t sleep thereafter. Went to see her again on Tuesday to make some changes to the medication, and viola I was able to sleep now!  Or at least I have been able to sleep from 11pm to 6am at least, throughout.  And it’s deep sleep, not those dozing on and off kind.  Hopefully I don’t jinx it by talking about it here, lol.  Let’s hope I’m slowly getting back my sleep pattern.

Work is getting pretty boring – I’ve finished all my month end reporting for July, so I’m now litterally left with nothing to do.  I’ll be on leave tomorrow and Monday, so that’s a long weekend to stay at home and play POE.  Actually I’ll just probably spend the Saturday out or something alone – it’s been awhile since I have my me-time.


Happy Birthday Reko!

Today is the birthday of the guy whom, I can safely say, really knows me – my quirks, temperament, thinking, etc.  Always there when I needed him – always.  To the point where sometimes I wonder if I’m taking him for granted, even now as a friend.  :(

He’s someone special to me, has been, and always will be, regardless what happens.  I still wish the best for him; I still hope he will find someone who truly loves him and deserves him.  I wish I could love him the way he love(ed?) me, but… I guess life likes to make fun/play tricks on us this way.

Happy birthday Reko!  May your birthday wishes come true! =)








我一直在想,如果前男友知道了会不会很伤心?本以为我和阿熊分开了,他又有机会了。怎么知道后来又来了个勇涵。可是我想,他大概也能察觉到了吧。我应该是疯了吧,竟然为了一个到目前为止一年找不到工的男人,放弃了一个有钱的外国人。有时缘分就是这么奇怪。跟勇涵在一起时就是还蛮自在的。没什么火花,没有小鹿乱撞的心跳,但就是很轻松,自在的。没压迫感,没压力。没时间陪他的时候,也不会有那种莫名其妙的内疚感 – 因为我知道他的世界不是围绕着我。他自己也有自己的事可以做。

跟他现在的状况- 就只能用“稳”一个字来形容。就希望他能早点找到一份好工作,安安稳稳的做下去。以后的事…以后再说吧。


It’s been almost another month since I last updated this blog, and as usual, there’s nothing interesting going on at the moment.

Well, except for the fact that I’ve changed my telco operator from Starhub to Circles.Life.  So, at S$48 per month, I’m getting 23GB data.  Heh.  How nice is that?  I can stream Dota 2 matches on the go anytime I want now, without worrying about my bundled data going burst.

Well other than that…. everything’s the same.  Bored at work, bored at home.  Busy, yes, but still bored.  Got myself a small backpack for work from Taobao, to ease the load off my left shoulder coz those one-shoulder bags are just making my shoulder hurt.

Ahhh my life’s so routine and predictable that there’s absolutely nothing to write about. Oh geez.

Anyway, it’s spring!  So it’s time to change the side background again, yay!