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Small Update

Nothing much happened for the first three months of 2019.

I’ve got a small promotion at work (assistant manager now, wut?), preparing a trip to Hokkaido with mommy and Bruno (airtickets bought), went on a 4D Taipei trip with mommy and my aunt and cousins.

Still trying to not think of death and my dad too much.

Trying to move on… Trying.

I thought I have somewhat moved on.

But I guess it wouldn’t be so easy.

I still miss my Dad. I still tear up while thinking of him.

I tried to occupy my time with other things. I tried to start updating my trip journal for the Japan trip in November. But I couldn’t. I guess the trip was too close to my Dad’s incident for comfort.

I don’t know when will I be able to update the blog for that trip.

Maybe I really should have listened to my instincts and cancel/postpone that trip…

I love you Dad.

My beloved dad, who passed away on 23rd November 2018, at 23:48 at Changi Hospital.

Sudden, but at least not much suffering, which is good for him.

Perhaps I have yet to come to terms with the loss. I cried a bit here and there. But not too much yet.

I’ll miss him for sure.

But I’ll be strong. For him, for mom, for the family, for the house, for everything that he had left behind, so that he can go on his way to rebirth peacefully.

Hope he will reincarnate into a good family, get good education and take care of his health this time!

I don’t think I’ll get to reincarnate into human again after my death (I’m not that great a person this life), so I don’t think I will be his daughter again. But I totally wouldn’t mind, even though it was infuriating in the past!

I love you, Dad. 一路好走。

Happy Birthday… To Me

Yup. Just as what the title says.

I’m gonna spend my birthday in…. Bedok Polyclinic.  Sigh.  I took this leave since January (I try not to work on my birthdays), but well, now I need to bring my dad to the polyclinic for his blood test and doctor’s appointment to check on his kidney function.

Well not that I have anything much to do at home anyway.

My Tokyo trip is in 3 days’ time! It’s just a 5.25 days trip (0.25 day because we only reach Tokyo at around 4pm, and by the time we reach the hotel it’ll already be around 6+pm, hurhur) though.  Wish it’s longer! Too bad someone didn’t have much leave days to take… *sulks*


Dreaming… Part 1

Watched a bit of Canada Cup last night.  Stayed up specially to watch Fujimura’s first round of games in the Pool.  Went to bed after he won his first set of games.

….. And dreamt about him for the entire night.

So weird.  It’s not like I was actively thinking about him throughout the day.  But yet for the entire night of sleep, the dream just kept continuing despite me waking up briefly in the middle of the night.  It felt… quite real.  But of course it’s just a dream (and some wishful thinking obviously) after all…



Already August

I can’t tell if time passes fast, or slow.

It seems fast – it’s already August now.  It was almost yesterday when we just started year 2018!

But it seems so slow…. there’s still 3 more months to my Japan trip!  Ugh……

Can’t really describe my feelings right now.

Cleared my work pretty fast this month… now I’m just waiting for my boss to pull the supplier’s aging report so that I can work on the SOA recon.  Otherwise I’m just sitting here with nothing to do, especially when there’s no emails from suppliers…

Bored out of my mind… wish I could just get home now to play my POE Incursion Flashback event.

Test post from app!

Just testing from my mobile phone… Seeing if this works?

I’ll add in a photo just for the sake of testing….yup.

My uh, collection of King’s Avatar (全职高手)! Loving this Chinese animation / web novel. Have finished reading all 1700++ chapters online, but now rereading it! And still loving it!


So yup, as what I mentioned in my previous blog post, there had been a change in my job scope this year.  Instead of processing invoices, now invoice processing has been delegated to my supervisor, while Benson and I took over HER responsibilities.  Reason being she wasn’t able to produce the work that my boss expected from her…  She was supposed to do suppliers reconciliation every year (every month, in fact), but she refused to do it, citing time restriction/limitation as the reason.  So now, that particular duty falls to us.  On top of that, I have to also create ledger cards and maintain the counterparty system, which was something she had been doing all along as well.

So in other words, we are kio-ing her sai, yes.


But honestly, now that I don’t need to do daily invoice processing, my time has been freed up tremendously.  I have days where I literally has nothing to do.  Meh. I’ll see how it goes after CNY.  I have absolutely no mood to learn anything new now anyway.

My dad was warded again.  Apparently he had another silent heart attack….and this time his symptoms were worse than back in August.  I’m not sure what or how to feel about it. I think… 随缘吧。

I’ve been singing a lot at those M-Bar individual KTV booths!  A little expensive but it’s so flexible.  No need for prior booking, no need for a 2hr / 3hr block session etc.

Oh, and I’ve been playing this Travel Frog game Tabikaeru.  I love the froggy so much that I installed it on both my phones! LOL. The froggy is so cute! <3

Yeah the points are a little all over the place in this post… but I don’t really give a damn.  Not really in a mood to write much.

Happy Chinese New Year to all in advance, I guess…?