Office Renovation

So our office is going for a major renovation soon… I’ve got too many barang barang after being here for more than 15 years.

Managed to clear quite a bit already….

So empty right! I feel a sense of accomplishment lol.

But after renovation, it’s 100% for sure that I won’t have a seat next to the window anymore. Sigh… There goes my frequent photo taking of the Marina Bay skyline….

Here’s one more to add to my collections then, while I still can!


Format Image


Awesomely green waters today. ¬†Too bad my Note 4 camera can’t capture the exact colour through this tinted office window.

Just For Fun – A First Attempt At Nature Photography

Because my dearie needed some nice photos for his school assignment, we had woken up today at 4.30am, took a cab (which we booked in advance) at 5.30am, and reached Changi Boardwalk at 6.00am.

Yes, there goes my precious beauty sleep.

Anyway, he lugged his precious Nikon DSLR there (don’t ask me what model – I don’t know), while I decided to bring my Lumix along just in case there’s some nice scenaries to take. I’ve never been there before, so I don’t know what to expect, really.

His camera, being a DSLR, is way better than mine, so he was able to take some really nice photos even though it was still totally dark, since he could set the shutter speed and take long exposure shots. My camera, on the other hand, failed in such an epic way that I’ve decided to spare you the pain of looking at all those horribly “black” photos.

See? The beauty of DSLR.

Hur hur. My camera. Epic fail.

So, yeah. We spent like, almost 2 hours there, trying to capture most of the photos while the sun just came up, as that was the nicest lighting possible. After that, Reko decided that the photos he had taken were enough, and we strolled to Changi Village Hotel for a nice, sumptious buffet breakfast at their Saltwater Cafe.

Here are the rest of the photos on my Flickr account. Please don’t laugh or cringe at them as this is kinda like my first impromptu attempt at “Nature” photography, with just a point-and-shoot digital compact camera. Enjoy. :D