Almost Dead…

Wow it’s been a long time since I last blogged.

It’s been so tiring and exhausting lately, ever since the change in job scope at work. Still trying to settle in to this role of having to talk (email) to random strangers, colleagues at work etc. This is just not me.  I felt so drained at the end of the day – everyday. Sigh.

I desperately need a vacation – but I can’t. I can’t really afford it when I do not know when my Dad will have to be hospitalized again, and whether we will be slapped with another 3k bill again.  My mom has all the money but she refused to pay a single cent.

All these have been affecting my sleep lately… I could be sleepless one night, only to be extremely tired the other day and finally managed to sleep properly.  It’s just a vicious cycle at this point.  I’m just so tired mentally…

Crossing Fingers

So many things happened at the same time.

My insomnia is still not improving.  The culprit is suspected to be from one of the chinese herbs that my TCM gave me, but it has been almost a month and the situation has not reversed yet.  =(

And then my dad was hospitalized, and was found to have heart failure.  He seemed to have suffered a silent heart attack two weeks back and a large portion of his heart tissue had already died, with 3 arteries blocked.  The hospital deemed a heart bypass not suitable due to the dead heart tissue, and thus decided to stent two of his arteries.

I’m not sure how long he still has to live, but let’s just hope for the best…

Insomnia Update

11 sleepless nights in a week.

Only slept well the night before (Wednesday), probably because my body was really too tired from the lack of sleep.

Didn’t manage to sleep enough again last night.  Drifted off to sleep at about 10:30pm, woke up at around 11:50pm.  Then drifted off to sleep again and in between was conscious of my movements… but I think I still somewhat kind of power-napped in between because I wasn’t aware when my dad came home from his night shift.  So I guess I was asleep between 2+am to 3+am.  Woke up at around 4+am (I assumed), and I resisted the urge to reach for phone to look at the time.  Tossed and turned a fair bit, trying to sneak in some sleep in between to no avail.  Finally, I gave up and reached for the phone at around 5.11am or so.  Was already rather awake, so no point trying to go back to sleep.  Browsed some forum, read up on some insomnia articles etc… and then got ready for work.

My mental state now isn’t too bad, I’m just really tired of not being able to sleep at night.  I really did try to clear my mind, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t actively thinking or panicking but somehow at some point my heartbeat will accelerate and I have no idea why.  It’s actually quite mentally exhausting.  To the point where I’m thinking if I should quit my job and try to find something that doesn’t require me to report to work at a fixed timing.

I wish, eh…. it’s not like I’m in the creative line…

Hey Reko, you need an artist + an admin assistant or something? Wanna hire me and Bruno?  XD


I’m so tired.  Could hardly fall asleep on my own last two weeks – had to depend on Fedac to sleep.  Sometimes if I’m lucky, I can fall into a deep sleep after taking Fedac, but most times I’d be drifting in and out of sleep even after Fedac.  Body would be so warm at night that I would wake up even in a drug-induced sleep.

Geez, and I don’t even know what caused this.  All I know is the anxiety of not being able to fall asleep is adding on to the insomnia.

I downloaded a sound app yesterday and tried to use it last night while staying off the pill.  Not sure if it really helped or I’m just really too tired, but I think I did sleep a little.  I still drifted in and out of sleep though – went to bed at around 9.30pm, tossed and turned in bed (my eyes were closed but my mind was rather awake as I can still hear the sounds from the app), drifted to sleep a little, but woke up fully at around 11.45pm because I was too hot, despite having the aircon turned on.  I switched on the fan, and tried to go back to sleep again.  I was even aware of the exact moment the sound app had stopped (I set timer to 4 hours), so I was apparently still drifting in and out of sleep at 1.30am (apparently my mind was awake then) since my sound app was supposed to end at that time.  I was aware of every turn in the bed, even though my eyes were closed.

It was a restless “sleep” – if you would call that a sleep.  But well, on the positive side, I didn’t take Fedac.  However, after such fitful “sleep” for the past two weeks, I’m literally looking like a panda now, and generally feeling tired throughout the day.

I certainly hope the situation will improve.  I have no idea why this is happening geez.  I’m not stressed about anything either.  Please just let me have a good sleep every night….


So yeah.  Last Monday (5th June 2017) night, I suddenly had a bout of BPPV.  While I was drifting off to sleep, I turned to my right and realised something was wrong – the room started spinning (even though my eyes were closed).  So, I shifted to lie on my left again, and the spinning slowed down significantly, and off I drifted to sleep.

Fast forward one hour, my body was woken up by the extreme spinning – because I had unwittingly laid on my right again.  This time, even though I shifted back to lie on my left didn’t work anymore – the whole room just kept spinning.  I tried to sit up, walk, stand – it’s just the same.  It just spun non stop, to the point I was feeling extremely nauseous.  I was just thinking – okay should I wake my parents up to send me to the hospital?

I forced my wobbly legs to move to get to the toilet – I don’t know how I did it, but I did find myself sitting on the toilet bowl, with both my legs trembling and quivering like crazy while I was trying hard not to vomit.  I finally forced my way back to the living room, and I leaned against the cabinet, debating with myself whether to wake my mom up or not.  Coincidentally, my dad saved me from making the decision by coming out of his room, and subsequently got the shock of his life to find me standing there in the dark, trembling.

I kinda collapsed right there as he switched on the lights, simply because my legs wouldn’t support me anymore.  He quickly moved me to the couch, and woke my mom up.  After a while, I started vomiting.  I think that worried the hell out of my dad, so much so that he called the ambulance to get me to the hospital.

Once I was there, the emergency staff gave me a jab to combat the giddiness, and sent me over to the waiting area to wait for a junior MO to see me.  I waited for a good 2 hours, and I was still feeling very giddy at that point.  So the junior MO saw me, made me explained what happened, went through all the “stroke tests”, took two big syringes of my blood and then sent me out to wait for another 2 hours.  So after 4 hours, she called me in again, and I was still giddy.  So she said she would ward me… and after yet ANOTHER 2 hours, the nurse finally called me over for warding registration.  Geeeez.

And guess what?  Right after the paperwork is done…. my BPPV somewhat recovered.  Great.  Thanks.  /s

One hour after the paperwork was done, another MO came over to me and made me go through all the “stroke” tests again.  Aaaaaand, he took another one (or two?) syringes of blood from me AGAIN.  I had puked my dinner out, didn’t even had my breakfast yet, and I was having my period, and I got so much blood taken away from me.  Geez.  I told this MO that I did not feel giddy anymore, but he said I’d still have to stay in the hospital for at least a day, for observation.

Resigned, I just slumped on the chair.  Yes, chair.  Even though I was officially “warded”, the hospital had ZERO bed vacancy and even the “waiting room” was full, and I was asked to wait at the “Transit Place” (aka holding area) where there’s no beds – just armchairs.  Oh, how helpful.  After dozing on and off for about two hours, a senior MO finally came over to assess my condition.  After I repeated my experience to her and telling her that I was okay now, she said that its just classic symptoms of BPPV and if I’m feeling all right, she sees no point in making me wait for a bed till god-knows-when.  I’M SO GLAD.  She made the MO write down notes to make sure the nurses didn’t send me up in case a bed is free, and she told me to stay in the holding area till lunch, and after I had lunch, she will discharge me if there’s no discomfort.

So yup, I was hospitalised, warded, and discharged – all on the same day.

The MO gave me medical leave for the entire week…. which of course, I took.  I still worked from home nonetheless, but being at home also gives me time and freedom alternating between work and games and radio-ing Dota2 matches, lol.

One week after the ordeal, my thighs were suddenly aching so badly.  Maybe its the post trauma kicking in to the muscles… I don’t know.  Perhaps my body is just retarded, somehow…. let’s hope it’s just muscle strain or anemia, nothing serious!


So uh. Yeah. Fell sick on Saturday after I went to Queensway Shopping Centre to buy a new pair of outdoor shoes for my upcoming Japan trip. Talking about the shoes, I’m kinda regretting that I didn’t go with my gut to get Salomon.  Instead, I was being persuaded to buy The North Face, which was um, well, not enough cushioning for my feet.  We’ll see how it goes though.  I might get insoles or heel cushions if it feels bad after a couple of months.

Anyway, I was having a bout of running nose, while Bruno wasn’t feeling too well either.  So we kinda just get our arses home by early evening.  And my body succumbed to the virus. -_-  Nose just kept running non stop, and I had to pop Fedac at night and a couple of Neuflo pills as I felt sorethroat coming up as well.  Spent the entire Sunday sleeping too.  Woke up at 11am, then got out of bed to eat, then climbed back to bed to snooze again till 3pm.  All that – with a headache.  Meh I was just literally sleeping my long weekend away.  Felt better on Monday, so just sat in front of the PC and WoW for the entire day… while having a super bad migraine that felt like something was tearing apart the insides of my head.  And I actually went down to Percolate to buy another cup of coffee at 6.30pm…

… which was a bad move.  I couldn’t sleep – at all – last night.  At 1.30am, my eyes were still wide open.  Whenever I tried to close my eyes, things just flashed in front of my eyes – random things.  Odd shapes and sizes, random 1-second scenes from my memories – everything just came in a rush until I opened my eyes again. And needless to say, I was in a panic state of mind. I think.

Left my boss a Whatsapp message telling her about my insomnia, and that if she didn’t see me in office in the morning, it means I’ll be taking an urgent morning leave from work.  Felt a bit better after sending that message, but still uneasy that I still couldn’t sleep at 2am.  Messaged Bruno a bit, but the lad was playing Dota 2 with his friends, so I didn’t really wanna disturb him much.  He was kind enough to drop me a bit of advice here and there when I was kinda at a lost. not knowing what to do and feeling rather helpless. (I really hate not being able to sleep when I know I’ve got to get up for work a few hours later.) Finally settled with watching a Dota 2 match – F5 vs FTMR (For The Mother Russia) – and managed to finish watching the whole game 2, while yawning umpteen times.  I thought I’d be ready to sleep, but nope, the moment I put down my phone and close my eyes – the flashes came again. So, oh well, I continued watching the stream again… and I think I actually dozed off a little (YAY!) at the start of the third game at around 3.15am. But hurhur, woke up 30 minutes later with eyes wide open.  Zzzzzz…. but I could feel the tiredness creeping in, so I tried to sleep… and yup, I think I managed to sleep at 4am.  Woke up at 6am due to alarm, and I just kept snoozing the alarm until 6.30am before I totally shut it off.  Went back to sleep again, and finally woke up at 7am.  I sat up on bed, wondering if I should just continue sleeping, then decided that I should be awake enough for work, so here I am, typing this blog entry in office. Not too sure how long I can survive the rest of the day till I hit the bed… but we’ll see.

Haze, and Other Stuff

So, it’s been a few months of haze, thanks to Indonesia.

Although it’s also thanks to them, that I’ve learnt a lot more about protecting myself (and my family, of course).  I’ve learnt how to actually order custom-made HEPA filters from Taobao; I’ve bought laser particle meter to read the air quality of where I am, I’ve bought  purifier units for my Dad’s and Mom’s rooms, and of course, stocked up more Uvex 3210 masks at home for everyone.  It’s definitely heavier on my wallet (it’s pretty tight now actually), but as long as everyone stays healthy, I’m fine with it.

The next piece of news might come as a surprise to many, but definitely not to the two parties who are involved.  And that’s Bear and I have gone back to being just friends / buddies. I was the one who made the decision, but both of us do agree that our tempers just clashed way too much.  There are also other reasons, but I don’t feel like typing them all out right now (not really in the mood to do so currently).  At some point, maybe.  So stay tuned to this page if you are nosey enough lol.

And so, as of now, I’m back to being single.  Yay!  Honestly speaking, I certainly much prefer singlehood.  Bear and I are still buddies, we still enjoy each other’s company pretty much, we will still be going overseas together (if we can find one that fits our schedule), but we are no longer “romantically attached” to each other.

So now, I’m just busy planning out my trips.  First off, there’s the February trip to HK with my parents.  Then there’s the December trip to Taipei with Bear.  Then there’s the December 2017 trip to Helsinki alone.

Yup, I’m finally travelling alone, and how apt it is for my first solo travel country to be Helsinki, Finland. Like I said previously, it’s going to be a closure trip for me. That hasn’t changed.  I just hope I am able to meet Hanna (Reko’s sis) at some point during my stay in Helsinki!  I’m still deciding between staying for 5-6 days just in Helsinki, or should I stay just 3-4 days there and take a flight to Stockholm to explore the capital of Sweden before I come back to Singapore.  Initially I thought there isn’t much to do in Helsinki, but after googling a bit for the various cafes there, suddenly there seems to be many cafes that I want to visit, and I certainly can’t do them all within 2-3 days since I don’t cafe-hop (I can’t drink that much coffee in a day!). Well it’s still a long way to go, so plenty of time for me to decide.  :)

Small Update

I’m sick.

Like really sick.

Had fever for almost a week, and the tiredness hasn’t quite go away yet after one whole week.  I’m just still feeling so tired and weak despite resting more than usual.

Ugh.  Just hope I can get back to my normal routine again soon…

Anyway, a list of movies that I wanna catch for the rest of the year!

Attack on Titans 1 (WHO could miss this, seriously?! I don’t have really high hopes for it though – after all Mikasa was supposed to be the special one in the manga due to her being Asian, but in the movie, all of them are Asians, so… *cough* We’ll see how it works out!)

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (I’m not a TC fan, but I’ve been following this franchise for quite a while, so it doesn’t seem right to give it a miss.)

Pixels (OMG evil Pac-Man!  Who would have thought! :D  The trailer looks soooo much fun!)

The Martian (Matt Damon is in it.  Matt Damon.  Heck, isn’t that reason enough?!  XD OK fangirl screams aside, I absolutely loved the book to bits – all that science really took quite a while and a few re-reads of the sentences to sink in – and it’ll really be interesting to see how Matt portrays all that wit in action, while the book had it down in logs.  Is he going to talk to himself throughout the whole movie?  Or will it be like a daily playback of what he had done – like how we are reading Mark’s daily logs in the books? Well I don’t know, but I know I can’t wait for the movie to be released!)

Update… or not

I know I should be posting more updates, and I know I still have a couple of days to post regarding the Hong Kong Trip.  But I’m just so lazy!

Nowadays whenever I reach home, I’ll just spend my time D3-ing away.  Doing bounties, rifts, g-rifts, etc.. just to farm for shards to get the gear that my Wizzie needs. By the time I’m done, it’ll be time for bed, lol.

I’m so sorry!  I may only update the Hong Kong trip when I got tired of D3, haha.  =X  And I’ve been to so many food places with Bear lately, but I just didn’t bother to go update the food blog.  Gosh… that blog is probably gonna fail badly.

A little update about my life… I’ve been going for TCM for my gas issues, and there have been some improvements… but not too much.  Obviously I still need to watch what I am eating, otherwise it’ll still be a gassy affair for me.  And when I say gassy, I don’t mean farts.  I mean feeling the gas coming up from within, yet it doesn’t end with a burp.  It just stopped abruptly somewhere around my chest.  Try experiencing this every 3 to 5 seconds for about 2 hours, and let me know how you feel, yeah?  It felt terrible, really.

Yes I know TCM will take quite a while for it to take effects, so I’m still diligently going to see the doc every week, and taking the medicinal powder everyday.  Period was late for like, 11 days… I even called up and made appointment with the gynae for a check up in case I have cysts again (they do cause irregular or late or even missed periods).  I was supposed to see the gynae today, but I cancelled it yesterday because 大姨妈 finally came.  Yay?  I may still make an appointment to see him after the menses are cleared though, just for the peace of mind.  My period is irregular, but it has never been late for this long.

And now…. I’m cramping up as I typed this in office.  THank goodness I’ve cleared EVERYTHING that I need to do… and there’s basically nothing for me to do now, except for the ad-hoc invoices that come in every now and then.

Sometimes being TOO efficient isn’t a good thing…