Back to WoW?

Spent the long weekend playing World of Warcraft again – and I managed to get my Demon Hunter to max level from level 99 to level 120 in 3 days! I thought it’d be a long grind, but the levelling wasn’t too hard. Died a few times too, but I realised I’m not so averse to dying nowadays. I don’t feel the frustration of dying as much as I used to.

Demon Hunter was surprisingly fun to play and easy to sustain. Can do pretty okay-ish AOE, can self heal from talents and from Azerite powers. Not too shabby after all. There’s probably more skills that I could have used during one-on-one face-offs with rare mobs, but I guess that’s okay. I’ll learn how to use them at some point, haha.

It’s just such a long journey to get flying in Zuldazar – so long that I’m feeling a little turned off by it. I’m just doing random quests by running around even after hitting max level. Haven’t feel tired of the game yet – will just continue with it since I already sub for 6 months lol.


Although Team Liquid has come in only at the second place at TI9, they are still the only Dota2 team I will support, as long as Kuroky, Miracle, and GH are in the team. I’m not sure if there’ll be any changes in the next season, but #LetsGoLiquid!

SEA Major 2018 / FGC

Attended Gamestart Asia 2018 for Sea Major 2018 – for the first time I stayed there from morning till late night, and only at the SFV booth, watching the pools going on till end of the day.

Saw the current legends and top pros like Tokido, Daigo, Fujimura (!!!!), Sako etc in real life, feels so unreal.  At one point, Tokido was standing next to me.  Sako walked right in front of me.  Fujimura was just sitting right in front of me and I could totally stick out my hand to tap his shoulder to talk to him (but I didn’t).  Xian brushed shoulders with me.  Gachikun is so short in real life!  Chocoblanka’s vocals are…. er…. hmmm…. okay never mind.

For once, it feels like these pro players are not so out of my league after all.

But then again, spending a day there also makes me realise that FGC is such a close knit community that we, as spectators, will have zero chance of barging into this community to claim a spot unless you are either friends with the pro players or you appear as a spectator often enough in every pro tour events and has the courage to talk to them.

That said, I was still glad I went.

Here’s some photos!

Watching Tokido’s back while he was getting prepared for his match

Fujimura sitting down and watching other players’ matches with Mago-san

Fujimura’s turn to play!

BigBird won the Opens on 13th Oct, while Gachikun won the Regional Final on 14th.  I was only there on the 13th – and even though we stayed till 9.30pm, we couldn’t catch the end of it because it was really way too late.  It was fortunate that we went home instead of waiting for the Top 8 to start, because the whole thing ended at around 1+am in the morning!

We were worried about the delays again on the 14th, and from the schedule the Regional Finals would only start at 6.30pm on 14th. So we decided to skip going to the actual event (despite already paid for the tickets) in case it got delayed too much. If only we both had applied for leave from work the next day… sigh.

That said, it was really fun watching the pros play in real life.  You get so up close and personal with them.  If I had enough courage, I would already have gotten photos with so many of them!  But oh well… hope I’ll have the chance to attend these events again soon, not just in Singapore, but in Japan too!

TI Staycation!

Got a staycation coming up this weekend, just to watch TI!  Hope I can sleep earlier and wake up at around 2~3am to catch all the action on Sat/Sun! Will try and remember to post some pictures here – need to update my blog more!

Long Weekend

So what have I done for this long weekend, which is almost over?


Yup, nothing.  All I did was to watch Kiev Major from Thursday evening till early this morning.  *cough* Mhm.

The teams I support had pretty much a disappointing run, but hopefully they’ll still stay together during the roster shuffle period and come out better in TI7.


Well heyyyyyy I’m back!

Back from Hong Kong, actually. Haha.. my annual pilgrimage! Btw I’ve already finished up the Japan blog – you can read it here. It has all the links to the various day-posts.  The write up is a little hasty, but hope you’ll at least enjoy reading and viewing the pictures!

Now that I’m back from Hong Kong, I wonder if I should post up another travel post regarding the Hong Kong trip.  I have been there so many times already though!  I’ll think about it, haha.

Came back on Thursday, and worked my ass off on Thursday night to clear my work as for the first time, I did not work while I was on holiday.  I continued clearing my emails and invoices on Friday, before heading to meet Bruno in the evening for the movie John Wick: Chapter 2.  Not a bad movie, not bad at all.  Actually all the action and stunts are very believable.  I was quite impressed.  :3

Went to TCM today and then straight to office to finish up my work again.  Argh tired as hell.  Tomorrow meeting Bruno again to watch DOTA 2 SLI Starladder season 3 finals.  No rest for the weary. T_T



Spent last Saturday with Bruno, as usual.  I went over to his place and we caught a bus together to Sembawang Hill Food Centre.  Unfortunately the kway chup stall had closed for the day, so he settled for laksa while I settled for an unassuming mixed veggie rice stall, which turned out to be quite delicious.

Then we took another bus to Thomson where he grabbed his Bakery coffee, and we kinda just walked around Thomson Plaza a little (for the aircon) before heading to Bishan to catch the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.  I have to say, this is almost the first time I’ve watched “typical” Tim Burton movie.  The only other Tim Burton directed movie that I’ve watched was Planet of the Apes, which wasn’t quite “Tim Burton-ish”.  I resisted the urge to google for the movie plot and ending before the show, so this is the first time (in many years) that I went into the cinema with zero idea what I’m gonna watch.  And I have to say, the movie was quite nice!  Nice enough for me to rate it a 4.1 at least, out of 5.  Although it’s kinda like a “kid’s movie”, I still quite enjoyed it.  It was a little annoying to keep hearing someone snoring in the cinema though… there’s a Dad sitting next to Bruno who snored halfway through the movie.  -_-

After that we went to Canopy Garden Dining, where we had a dinner reservation.  We ordered a sausage platter to share, and he got himself crabmeat aglio olio while I had a mushroom burger with fries.  The mushroom burger looked plain, but it was still rather good.  The fries had a right crisp to it, but unfortunately it was a tad too salty for me. Bruno loved it though.  After that we walked a bit around Bishan Park, where Canopy Garden dining was located at.  But it was really dark at some parts of the park, and we kinda “interrupted” a few couples who were lying at the reclining chairs there doing… you-know-what.  It was kinda embarrassing yet hilarious.

We were supposed to go to Gamestart Asia 2016 yesterday, but we both kinda fell slightly sick on Saturday evening when we were on our way home.  He was feeling slightly feverish, while I was feeling the onset of cold (was sneezing and having running nose). So we decided to call it off and just rest at home, despite the tickets already bought.  We caught most of the StreetFighter V SEA Major action (that was happening live at Gamestart) on stream, so it wasn’t that big a loss to not attend the convention.

Aaaaannd, it’s another new week.  This is getting so tiring.  Wish I can have a break…. though the next vacation is like two months away.  That still seems horribly far though…

– No Title –

I’m really tempted to go without titles.  It’s so silly to have to keep thinking of titles whenever I want to post something.  I just want to blog!  Why do I even need a title when I’m just rambling off about stuff that’s happening?

Right, so, Bruno and I went to catch Sully in the cinemas last Saturday.  I thought it was a pretty solid acting (as usual) from Tom Hanks as Capt. Sully. It was a good story telling from Clint Eastwood. I like the replays, the flashbacks… and the background music was on point. Bruno seemed to think the movie was just okay-ish, but I kinda like it.  Wonder if I should buy it off iTunes….

Dota 2 roster shuffle is killing me.  The shuffle is locked, so the teams are fixed.  PPD and Fear is no longer in EG, so I’m unsure whether should I keep the #BleedBlue hashtag or just stop supporting the team.  The new lineup still looks pretty strong, with Universe, Sumail and Zai still in the team.  Cr1t is an interesting addition and as the new captain, I’m kinda curious to see how he can manage the talents he has on this team.  RTZ is… RTZ.  There’s no need to say anything more about him.  *insert rolling eye GIF here*

Miracle is now in Liquid (yay), but Bulba is also in Liquid (boo).  I have nothing against Bulba, but he really doesn’t seem to be that strong of an offlaner, and much less of a support in Liquid now.  I haven’t seen him play support position, but I have my doubts and reservations.  It’s difficult to support Liquid now that Jerax is not in there anymore.  =(  But it’s difficult to support OG (where Jerax is) too because Fly is still in there.  >_> Gah.

I don’t really have a favourite team to support anymore………… and this sucks.  =(

Played WoW together with Reko again yesterday.  It’s been a while since I last partied together with someone in the game, so it’s like… something to get used to again. He’s still as accommodating as ever to my play style though – which was nice. Boosted my shaman to level 100 – something that I was regretting a little… but well, maybe it won’t be that bad.  Resto shaman prolly needs a group to level efficiently, so it’s probably the right choice.  My druid can level alone just fine – good damage, decent healing.  Resto shaman has bad damage (lol – worse than my disc priest, really) and relatively bad healing (burh). It’ll be amazing if I actually can manage to heal decently as a resto shaman, you know.  Maybe once I do that, I can be godly in healing on my disc priest and resto druid.  *insert rolling eye GIF again*

World of Warcraft: Legion, and… Coffee

So yes, I have the urge to write something today, so here goes.

I’m gonna just rave about how well this latest World of Warcraft expansion is.  I’ve already written three days ago about the expansion, saying all the nice stuff… so actually just bear with me while I go through them again.

First of all, I find that levelling in Legion is less hectic as in WoD (Warlords of Draenor) expansion.  Yet although levels are easily gained, it still makes one want to complete the quests and objectives.  Clearing objectives grant a hell lot of experience, more so than I actually thought it would.  I’ve levelled up unexpectedly a few times already and I’m now already level 108, two more levels to go for max level.  And I will still continue to play after I hit max level, because there’s really so many things to do in the game.  Killing rares (read: rares with silver lining on their portraits, not elites with gold lining) are actually not as hard as you think it is, now that mob levels are dynamic. Also, they are FFA – someone could be killing it and you can just throw your spells at it too – it doesn’t affect the loot that he or she gets, and you get your share of loot too. There’s no longer “kill stealing”, especially at objectives areas. You can just throw a spell on a mob that someone is killing, while killing your own mobs. When that mob dies, it counts towards your objective progression too.  That person won’t bother either – because he/she still gets their loot AND it counts towards their progression.  In fact, I’d say most people won’t mind, or even welcome your random spells so that they can kill the mobs faster and get on with it.

Gathering profession is fun again – the fishing nodes that are in the battle field appear at spots that weren’t too dangerous to be in.  The fishes are just fishes that you can use to research on better recipes, to cook – just straight forward stuff like before.  Unlike in WoD, you get scrap version, normal version, and even enormous version of the same type of fish.  You need like 10 scrap versions to gut to get normal flesh to cook, or need 5 normal version or 3 enormous version etc.  (Something like that.)  Which is terribly repetitive and takes up unnecessary space in bags. In Legion, that’s gone.  Thankfully.  I haven’t been trying first aid yet, because my cloths are precious – I need to save them to up my tailoring.  I’ll look at them again once my tailoring is maxed.

There’s so many backlogs to clear – I haven’t been maxing my profession levels since Cataclysm.  The max profession level is now at 800, and all my tailoring/fishing/cooking are still stuck at 600. LOL.  My fishing skill is slowly climbing up, and my herbalism is always there.  Well, it takes time, and I’m just gonna slowly do it.

So on top of all these, there’s the artifact weapon that every player would want to level up.  Every spec of every class has its own artifact weapon, and since now you can switch to any spec at the drop of the hat, everyone is able to go through all the necessary quests to get their hands on the artifact weapons for their class.  My priest has 3 specs in total, and I have 3 artifact weapons in my bag, one each for different spec (and the weapons are all different). You pick up random items in treasure chests scattered across Broken Isles that gives you artifact points, and for every 400+ or 600+ points (it increases as your artifact levels up), you get to choose an artifact trait to level – which can empower your spells to make them do more damage / heal more. This is so interesting – I mean, who would resist opening random glittering treasure chests  that you spot around the world that you’re exploring? And to be rewarded for that – wow! It’s just that there are three weapons for me to go through – so honestly that’s a little daunting! But I really wouldn’t mind if those treasure chests would respawn eventually. Or maybe I’ll just be done with levelling my discipline priest artifact and go for another healing class! Heh heh.

And then, there’s the Class Hall followers quests!  Similar to Garrison quests back in WoD, this one will have you managing your followers to complete their own quests in return for rewards like player XP, follower XP, even artifact levels.  Best part now is that you can monitor/start/end these followers quests via mobile!  So freaking convenient oh my goodness.  And yes, of course I have that app in my phone now!  :D

So yes, lots of good things have happened in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, so seriously, if you have more or less stopped playing after Cataclysm, give this new expansion a try!  I did, and I’m still loving it!

Right.  Now, with that out of the way… I’m happy to say that after working in this company for 13.5 years, I’ve finally put the coffee machine here for good use.  I’ve been having proper coffee (espresso with milk from coffee joints) every morning for awhile now, that I couldn’t go back to just instant freeze dried coffee granules with milk anymore.  It just doesn’t cut it… at least not in the morning.  It doesn’t have enough caffeine for my brain.  It almost feel like I didn’t take my coffee if I drink those in the morning.  But yet buying coffee every morning will eventually take a toll on my expenses every month – $5 a cup a day isn’t cheap.  And since my company provides milk, has a microwave, and a Jura coffee machine… I thought why not give it a try?

So even though I have never operated a microwave oven before, I asked Bruno a few quick questions about it yesterday afternoon after lunch, and proceeded to warm 1/4 cup of cold milk in the microwave oven by setting it to 30 seconds.  The timing seemed just right for that amount of milk, as it came out warm.  Then, I put the cup at the coffee machine and hit the “1 espresso” button.  And viola, I get half a cup of single shot espresso with warm milk!

Well it doesn’t taste as good as Jewel Coffee or anything, but hey it still taste pretty decent!

So this morning, I decided to save my money and make the coffee again for my morning caffeine ritual.  I decided to make a proper big cup this time, so I warmed up half cup worth of milk (needed 2x 30 seconds – I don’t dare to let it heat inside for one whole minute), and pressed the button for 2 shots of espresso.

And yay! I got a full cup of … 2 shots espresso with hot milk!

So yup!  Money saved!  Gonna do this from now on, lol!