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Sanity-Asylum – The Site

san·i·ty: the quality or state of being sane; especially : soundness or health of mind
asy·lum: a place of retreat and security

And there you have it. This is a place to protect my sanity. One could really go insane under all the stress and pressure from society, work, friends, and family, even. This is my retreat, my haven, a place for my thoughts.

Sanity-Asylum – The Owner

I guess I should do a bit of self introduction.

Name: Susan
Alias: Arell / Scottie / Ruriel / Shaenia / Kissahime
Gender: Female
Religion: Agnostic
Star Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: Singapore
Resides In: Singapore, at the moment.
Occupation: In the Accounts department of a shipping company in the Maritime Industry
Loves:  Coffee, Japan, tranquility, tulips, anime, manga, writing, singing, OSTs & New Age music, sea, lakes, oceans, rivers, sky, clouds, rain, snow, tranquility, Autumn, Winter, tornadoes, cats, gaming, watching game streams/esports, solitude, Capoo.
Favourite Haunts: Percolate
Hates: All insects, being sick, migraine, make up, my own temper, emo people, cigarette smoke, wearing heels, humid weather, haze, outdoor activities, crowd.