Dimash Kudaibergen – Best Singer EVER

So, I have to type this post out here – Dimash Kudaibergen is literally – the best – singer out there in this century, probably in the past as well as in the future.

He not only has immense talent and able to sing SIX octaves, he is ALWAYS able to put in so deep emotions in ALL his performances. I don’t know how many times I’ve cried when I listened to his live performances on Youtube.

I have said in Facebook and I’ll say it here: I want – no, I NEED to listen to him live. I want to go to his live concert at least once. This is the kind of singer that you KNOW you’ll hear different things when you go to his concerts. He can just change things up, because he CAN.

There’s SO many songs from him that I love – from the initial S.O.S (in I Am Singer 2017) to KNOW, to Samaltau (Tokyo Jazz Festival 2020), Your Love, Love Is Like A Dream, Adagio… I don’t know. I just love almost all his songs (except Uptown Funk, and I’m not a huge fan of Screaming either).

One thing though – I’m not part of his Dears fanclub. If he call ALL his fans “Dear”, then okay, I am one. But I definitely dislike his “Dears” fanclubs all over the world – I mean, they are really overzealous, especially on YouTube and Instagram. Yes, I get that you are obsessed with him (I am, too – I listen to him EVERYDAY and I don’t get tired of watching reaction videos to his performances), but you need to understand that we think he is the best singer doesn’t mean others need to think the same way. We have to respect that others have their favourite singers as well.

They spam all the YouTube reactors comment sections with the same information in almost every freaking reaction video. I mean, hold your horses, Dears. What you are doing may overwhelm reactors and they may even stop reacting to Dimash at some point because they get tired of these spam that are not even in their language.

OK now back to Dimash. What else can I say about him? He’s cute, gorgeous, handsome, funny, mischievous, cheeky, witty, emotional, sensitive, filial, humble, IMMENSELY talented (sings in 12 languages, multiinstrumentalist, composer, director of his own MVs), hardworking, yet at the same time strong, stands by his ideals (which is not easy in this world, where one succumbs to peer or society pressure easily)… can I say he’s just perfect? Please? I know there’s no perfection in the world but I think I’m seeing it in him. How is it possible that he’s all of that?

I just pity (a little) his future wife – who has to be the traditional type of wife. She has to stay at home and take care of his family while he travels around the world touring and singing. And that’s because he’s SO family oriented that he would rather leave his love behind knowing his love would take care of his family on his behalf when he’s not around. At least I think that’s what he thinks. Family, for him, will always come first.

As much as I love this guy, just this part alone will make me give up any kind of fantasies about him (hey, one can dream, even though I’m old enough to be his mom?). I can’t accept that I cannot be with my love most of the time, even though I’d love to be filial to both of our parents at the same time. And… well, he’s a Muslim. I have NOTHING against Muslims, just that… marrying one would mean I have to do fasting… erm… sorry I just can’t do fasting, I love my food too much. .__.;

I also haven’t love him enough until I would go learn Kazakhstan’s language or Russian just so I can sing along to his songs or to understand what he’s saying. However, I’ve been listening to his songs daily, non-stop (yes even when I’m at work or having meals or during commute). Maybe at some point I will… Maybe.

I love him enough though, to be willing to fly to a nearby Asian country to hear his concert once Covid-19 is over. I just hope I will be able to get the tickets…

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