Back to WoW?

Spent the long weekend playing World of Warcraft again – and I managed to get my Demon Hunter to max level from level 99 to level 120 in 3 days! I thought it’d be a long grind, but the levelling wasn’t too hard. Died a few times too, but I realised I’m not so averse to dying nowadays. I don’t feel the frustration of dying as much as I used to.

Demon Hunter was surprisingly fun to play and easy to sustain. Can do pretty okay-ish AOE, can self heal from talents and from Azerite powers. Not too shabby after all. There’s probably more skills that I could have used during one-on-one face-offs with rare mobs, but I guess that’s okay. I’ll learn how to use them at some point, haha.

It’s just such a long journey to get flying in Zuldazar – so long that I’m feeling a little turned off by it. I’m just doing random quests by running around even after hitting max level. Haven’t feel tired of the game yet – will just continue with it since I already sub for 6 months lol.

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