Almost a year…

It was September 2019 when I last updated this blog.

Never found any motivation to update it ever since.

Went on a Hokkaido trip with my Mom and Bruno in Oct’2019, got delayed when coming back due to a typhoon, slept over at Narita Airport, and then chaos ensued after I came back – didn’t really have time to write anything at all.

Some stuff that had happened:-

  • I’ve ended things with Bruno. We are merely good friends now, and probably met up like once a month or something.
  • Covid-19 happened. Everyone knows about this, there’s nothing much to say. I’m just glad I have been wearing a mask on public transport since I came back from Japan last year. Not gonna change this habit any time soon.
  • Cancelled our Taiwan trip which was supposed to happen in March 2020. Was pretty sad about it but it was also a relief at the same time. It was kinda stressful to travel with my cousins…
  • Don’t foresee any travelling anytime soon due to 1) Oracle project at work; 2) well, Covid-19.
  • Singapore went into semi-lockdown mode called Circuit Breaker in end March, and lasted till 2nd June. We had to work from home for about 2 months – and it was during this time I got closer (slightly – on my end only I suppose) with Japheth, someone whom I’ve never even talk to when we were in office previously. I suppose I should thank IMOS?
  • Now I’m back in office everyday, even though the work that I’m doing can be done at home. Oh well.

Talking about Japheth… all I can say is he’s really a nice person. He isn’t good looking, but he has a very positive personality. I didn’t know I cared about him until one day while WFH, I heard his voice being very different over a video call. It was almost like he was soul-less, and sounded so tired. I still did not talk to him much at that time, but I decided to just send him a private message on Teams to see if he’s okay and if he’s tired. His simple reply: “Yeah, tired.”

I supposed he was totally bogged down by IMOS issues, and literally everyone in office was calling him and asking him to help with IMOS (well I was one of them). It was kinda alarming to hear that such a positive young man suddenly sounding so depressed. I immediately reached out to his lunch kaki whom I was on closer terms with to alert him about this, and told him to let Japheth’s manager know that he’s being overwhelmed. One thing led to another, and I think his manager did reached out to him to make sure he’s okay. A day later he sounded better – thank goodness.

Slowly though, I started to chat more with him and slowly opened up to him. He was a great person to talk to and to confide in, even though he doesn’t talk that much to me. So most of the time it was a one-way street haha. It’s awesome that he’s got a very cute girlfriend though – hope they’ll get married soon! They both look so cute together. =)

Got him a Tiramisu on his birthday last Thursday 2nd July. I don’t think he ended up eating it though… or maybe it wasn’t that nice. Didn’t hear any feedback from him… LOL.

Oh well, I suppose there’s just a limit of how friendly I should be. I’ve done my best and if he’s not interested in striking a friendship outside of work, then I guess I shall not insist.

Went for Restaurant Week lunch with Bruno yesterday at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse again. Impeccable service, lovely complimentary warm salty bread, perfectly done steak, and to-die-for bread and butter pudding as dessert. The meal was so good! Wish I had it with a romantic partner though. But at the rate things are going, and at how I deal with relationship issues… I suppose I’ll just be alone till the end of time. Which I am okay with. Just sometimes, I fantasize otherwise, you know? Heh…

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