So, I’ve got a new bag

Mhm. I actually went ahead and got myself the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 which I was eyeing for some time.

First impressions: The bag is gonna last a LONG time. The ballistic nylon feels so tough! The YYK zips are not extremely smooth but they feel huge and super durable. The chipped left strap buckle brushed against my inner arm, but that’s gonna resolved soon as Tom Bihn had already sent a replacement bag over and it’s on it’s way here. Weight wise, it was a little heavy to carry on my hand, but when I carried the backpack on my back, initially it felt heavy but I noticed that no matter how much stuff I throw inside, the burden my shoulders felt actually was somewhat the same, which kinda baffled me. I’ll try more when my replacement bag comes. The back panel isn’t as breatheable as I expected it to be, but after loosening the straps (lengthening them) a little, there’s actually some room for my back to breathe and it was better.

I think I’ll do a more detailed review after a few months of using the bag to see how things go.

Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Nebulous Grey

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