Dreamt about my dad

Last night I dreamt about my dad again. I’ve been dreaming about him quite frequently these few nights… but last night was quite different.

It felt almost real. Everyone at home had already went to sleep. I was the last one, and before I step into my room, I heard the door opened and Dad step into the house, like how he did when he worked night shift the last time. I remembered looking at him in shock, wondering why was he back, why could he still appear in front of me in flesh. He still jokingly asked me why did I keep looking at him.

I reached out to touch him and found that I could feel him. Suddenly I just started crying, very hard, non stop, while grabbing his arm. I didn’t cry in real life as I dreamt, but I cried very hard in the dream. (Usually if I cry in the dream, I would be crying IRL too.)

Can’t remember much of the dream after that. It did continue, but I don’t remember the details.

Although I had somewhat gotten used to him not being around us anymore, I realised 我还是很想他…

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