SEA Major 2018 / FGC

Attended Gamestart Asia 2018 for Sea Major 2018 – for the first time I stayed there from morning till late night, and only at the SFV booth, watching the pools going on till end of the day.

Saw the current legends and top pros like Tokido, Daigo, Fujimura (!!!!), Sako etc in real life, feels so unreal.  At one point, Tokido was standing next to me.  Sako walked right in front of me.  Fujimura was just sitting right in front of me and I could totally stick out my hand to tap his shoulder to talk to him (but I didn’t).  Xian brushed shoulders with me.  Gachikun is so short in real life!  Chocoblanka’s vocals are…. er…. hmmm…. okay never mind.

For once, it feels like these pro players are not so out of my league after all.

But then again, spending a day there also makes me realise that FGC is such a close knit community that we, as spectators, will have zero chance of barging into this community to claim a spot unless you are either friends with the pro players or you appear as a spectator often enough in every pro tour events and has the courage to talk to them.

That said, I was still glad I went.

Here’s some photos!

Watching Tokido’s back while he was getting prepared for his match
Fujimura sitting down and watching other players’ matches with Mago-san
Fujimura’s turn to play!

BigBird won the Opens on 13th Oct, while Gachikun won the Regional Final on 14th.  I was only there on the 13th – and even though we stayed till 9.30pm, we couldn’t catch the end of it because it was really way too late.  It was fortunate that we went home instead of waiting for the Top 8 to start, because the whole thing ended at around 1+am in the morning!

We were worried about the delays again on the 14th, and from the schedule the Regional Finals would only start at 6.30pm on 14th. So we decided to skip going to the actual event (despite already paid for the tickets) in case it got delayed too much. If only we both had applied for leave from work the next day… sigh.

That said, it was really fun watching the pros play in real life.  You get so up close and personal with them.  If I had enough courage, I would already have gotten photos with so many of them!  But oh well… hope I’ll have the chance to attend these events again soon, not just in Singapore, but in Japan too!

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