It’s been almost another month since I last updated this blog, and as usual, there’s nothing interesting going on at the moment.

Well, except for the fact that I’ve changed my telco operator from Starhub to Circles.Life.  So, at S$48 per month, I’m getting 23GB data.  Heh.  How nice is that?  I can stream Dota 2 matches on the go anytime I want now, without worrying about my bundled data going burst.

Well other than that…. everything’s the same.  Bored at work, bored at home.  Busy, yes, but still bored.  Got myself a small backpack for work from Taobao, to ease the load off my left shoulder coz those one-shoulder bags are just making my shoulder hurt.

Ahhh my life’s so routine and predictable that there’s absolutely nothing to write about. Oh geez.

Anyway, it’s spring!  So it’s time to change the side background again, yay!

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