Quick update

Yes I’m still alive!

Just a quick update:-

  1. I jerked too much on my W4 cable, and the right connection broke off internally I think.  No choice but to buy a new pair of IEMs – and I went for W30.  It’s odd but even though it’s a downgrade in specs (W4 has four way drivers while W30 only has three way drivers), it actually sounds better than my W4.  Weird.
  2. I finally signed up for Friends of the Garden membership – that will allow me unlimited entries to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay!  And immediately upon collecting my member card, I went to the Tulipmania exhibition!  Very nice exhibition this year, way better than last year’s! Got a couple of photos posted up on Facebook, but I’ll post more here when I have the time.
  3. Na’Vi is back!  China doto is back! Too bad I can’t catch tonight’s SLI GF as it’ll be way too late when it starts and I have to work tomorrow.  But I’m still hoping for a Chinese team to win it.  Asian pride, kappa!  :3
  4. Caught a couple of movies this year already – didn’t really have the chance to list them all down.  Caught The Jungle Book yesterday (not too shabby, but the child actor was pretty bad – not much facial expressions at all actually). Maybe I’ll do it in my next post or something… but gotta go soon, meeting up with Bruno to catch Huntsman: Winter’s War.

But yeah that’s about it!

PS: Hate the horrible hot weather lately omg. I’m perspiring as I type this… even though there’s a fan right behind me.  -_-


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