Haze, and Other Stuff

So, it’s been a few months of haze, thanks to Indonesia.

Although it’s also thanks to them, that I’ve learnt a lot more about protecting myself (and my family, of course).  I’ve learnt how to actually order custom-made HEPA filters from Taobao; I’ve bought laser particle meter to read the air quality of where I am, I’ve bought  purifier units for my Dad’s and Mom’s rooms, and of course, stocked up more Uvex 3210 masks at home for everyone.  It’s definitely heavier on my wallet (it’s pretty tight now actually), but as long as everyone stays healthy, I’m fine with it.

The next piece of news might come as a surprise to many, but definitely not to the two parties who are involved.  And that’s Bear and I have gone back to being just friends / buddies. I was the one who made the decision, but both of us do agree that our tempers just clashed way too much.  There are also other reasons, but I don’t feel like typing them all out right now (not really in the mood to do so currently).  At some point, maybe.  So stay tuned to this page if you are nosey enough lol.

And so, as of now, I’m back to being single.  Yay!  Honestly speaking, I certainly much prefer singlehood.  Bear and I are still buddies, we still enjoy each other’s company pretty much, we will still be going overseas together (if we can find one that fits our schedule), but we are no longer “romantically attached” to each other.

So now, I’m just busy planning out my trips.  First off, there’s the February trip to HK with my parents.  Then there’s the December trip to Taipei with Bear.  Then there’s the December 2017 trip to Helsinki alone.

Yup, I’m finally travelling alone, and how apt it is for my first solo travel country to be Helsinki, Finland. Like I said previously, it’s going to be a closure trip for me. That hasn’t changed.  I just hope I am able to meet Hanna (Reko’s sis) at some point during my stay in Helsinki!  I’m still deciding between staying for 5-6 days just in Helsinki, or should I stay just 3-4 days there and take a flight to Stockholm to explore the capital of Sweden before I come back to Singapore.  Initially I thought there isn’t much to do in Helsinki, but after googling a bit for the various cafes there, suddenly there seems to be many cafes that I want to visit, and I certainly can’t do them all within 2-3 days since I don’t cafe-hop (I can’t drink that much coffee in a day!). Well it’s still a long way to go, so plenty of time for me to decide.  :)

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