Oh Dear…

I haven’t quite really decide if my next phone is gonna be an iPhone or not, and I’m already bingeing all the iPhone accessories recommendation videos on YouTube…

The latest iOS18 updates do somehow gave me little nudge towards the iPhone camp (thanks to the new homescreen customizing features and that default Photos app is closer to what I like to see on my Google Photos app), but my main beef is still how limited the iPhone’s alarm features are, and the camera… I’m not saying iPhone’s camera isn’t good. I just like Pixel’s AI when it comes to photo processing – It’s so user-friendly. I didn’t have to do any sort of post-edit and the photos all looked pretty good after I hit the shutter button. Yes, I do complain that the AI processing can get a bit too over-aggressive at times, to the point where I couldn’t capture the real colours when I wanted to, but overall I was still pretty satisfied with it. I wouldn’t have been able to capture Fuji-san so clearly back in Feb-23 at Shonan-Enoshima station if I hadn’t had my Pixel 7 Pro with me.

This is taken with 12x zoom, if I remembered correctly. Can the iPhone camera do this? I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

So the question to myself: Am I ready to give this up?

I’m not sure, to be honest.

That being said, iPhone does have other pros that are tempting me to make the switch:-

  • apps that are optimized for iOS and hardly region-locked (for SG App Store, that is),
  • relatively more secure ecosystem (my problem – because I have to sideload APKs on my Android due to some apps being region-locked and only available in Japan Play Store; and some official apps from China couldn’t even be sideloaded, even though I can find their official counterparts in Apple App Store)
  • Magsafe (!!!)
  • NFC that can be used in Japan (yes I’m quite tired of rummaging for that physical SUICA/ICOCA card when taking trains / making payment in shops and restaurants, and not to mention the daily trips to the ticket machines to top up the card with cash)
  • Company seems to prefer staff using iPhones… sigh

The cons with iPhone:

  • Limited default alarm features with limited third party alarm apps too
  • Abysmal notification system
  • Expensive accessories and apps / high chance of getting trapped in the Apple ecosystem (phone, watch, tablet etc… I’m pretty sure I won’t ever switch to MacBook though)
  • No ultra zoom for camera
  • No fast charging

That said, if iPhone 16 Pro Max is gonna have a zoom of at least 10x, I’ll jump at it, even though the rumoured size of an iPhone 16 Pro Max is bigger than what I would like. I’m sure I can live with the rest of the cons, if need be…

Now onto my to-buy list if I really do get an iPhone:

  • iPhone itself (duh)
  • Airpods Pro
  • Magsafe case (haven’t decide on which yet, though I have a few brands/models in mind)
  • Apple Watch
  • Aukey MagFusion Qi2 (not a necessity, but I really like the design – just need to clear a space on my PC table for it…)

Now, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for iPhone 16 camera features’ leaks…


I’m awake, on a weekday night, at 12:11am.

Thank goodness it’s public holiday today, I don’t need to wake up in 6 hours’ time.




不过呢,我坚信,everything happens for a reason… :) 没有当时发生的那些事,就没有现在的我。


iPhone next…?

I’m actually considering getting iPhone for my next phone… thanks to Company Intune Portal starting to flag my Pixel 7 Pro as a rooted device every now and then, and preventing me from logging into company’s email and Teams on my mobile. I have no idea why it was doing so… my phone wasn’t rooted! Yes I did sideload some apps, but that’s the whole point of using an Android phone isn’t it… :(

In order to prep myself mentally for the cost of getting an iPhone (together with all the accessories), I did some homework on Amazon and found that buying an iPhone is just a huge investment…

  • iPhone 16 – Price TBA
  • Magsafe portable power bank (at least 10,000mAh) – S$70
  • Airpods Pro (2nd gen) – S$370
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (optional… but I’ve seen reviews saying Garmin app sucks on iPhone) – S$605
  • Portable magsafe charging pad (for travelling) – S$231

All these added up to be almost S$2K, and that’s not including the price of the iPhone yet. Ugh… I’m not sure if I’m willing to fork out S$4K for a new phone (and it’s accessories). The charging pad probably can be optional too, since I have my Anker and UGreen wall chargers (I just need to bring lotsa cables, meh).

I can look past the home screen being non-customizable, but I’m not sure if I can accept the slow charging of Apple products, now that I’m already so used to Android’s fast-charging capabilities.

Ugh, I hate making decisions…


最近睡眠质量一直不太好。Garmin 显示不是fair就是poor… 这一两周工作也特别累,感觉突然好多会议要参与,好多data validation 要做,而且都是临时通知的。




So I suddenly have this thought this morning to build a new Japan mini-site. The current travel journal site will likely then be for all non-Japan overseas trips, while I collate all the Japan trips, tips, recommendations etc into the new mini Japan travel info site.

I don’t intend to bring traffic to the site though, so I haven’t fully convince myself why I would want to do this yet… since it’ll be a chore for me to migrate all my Japan posts and photos over (of course, I could just link them back to the original posts at my travel journal site if I’m lazy).

It also doesn’t deal with my laziness that’s causing me to procrastinate writing down my travel journals.

Heck, my Nov-2023 trip is still not written, not to mention the Feb-2024 trip. Though I really don’t have much to say about those two trips since I re-visited many places in them.

Anyway, I have a couple of grand ideas… like putting up a Japan map and stick pins on to the places I’ve been to, listing all the places that I’ve eaten at each spot/prefecture/region (with my recommendations included), etc… one thing’s for sure though – I won’t be sharing my itineraries online.

This will give me something to do on weekends, apart from just playing games and watching documentaries… but I’m also a little apprehensive about starting something which I’m not sure if I’ll even finish.

Let me think about it a little more…

Status Quo

So end up it’ll still be Bruno going with me for the Dec Japan trip.

Air tickets bought, hotels booked, itinerary all done up.

But this will be the last time I’m travelling with him.

I’m really more keen on heading to Japan myself, but my mom still refused to let me travel on my own. Due to the recent earthquakes happening in Japan and in Taiwan, she has even been trying to dissuade me from heading to Japan – we almost had a large quarrel last evening regarding this.

I’m really tired of justifying to everyone why I’m insisting on heading to Japan despite knowing the risk of the Nankai mega quake happening soon. I only have one thing to say: I’d rather die without regrets than to live with regrets. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel the same way, but please don’t impose your ideals on me. I’m not gonna change my mind about this. I will suspend my trips when the probability of the quake happening within the next 3 years is more than 50%, and it’s not anywhere near this probability yet.

Now, about work…

Liwen and Angie have both been axed from the company. Yup. You read that right… Axed. Terminated. Not even retrenched… but terminated. Gosh. I remembered I was just sitting there, stunned, when Karen broke the news to me in the meeting room. First thought that came to me is, why? I mean, I know my CFO didn’t like them, I know my two FMs had been quite stubborn and didn’t grabbed the chances to shine in front of the CFO when they should, yes I know my CFO had long felt they were not performing to his expectations, but I honestly didn’t expect a termination. It’s so… out of the blue. The rest of the VAs were then being asked to come into the meeting room and well…. they took the news quite hard. All 3 of them were in shock for a few seconds, before they broke down and cried. They finished that packet of pocket tissue which I had on me, and I had to go grab a box of tissues in for them. I’m not surprised with their reaction, even though I don’t see why is there a need to cry.

I mean, I know they were very close with LW and AZ, but we can always ask them out for dinner to catch up if there’s a need to. But then again… I guess they relied on both of them a lot to tank for us. I relied a whole lot on LW too – all the reports that I used for analysis were generated by her. Without her around, I wouldn’t be as efficient as I was for the past two years. Sure, work goes on, I’m very sure I could still meet deadlines and generate reports myself for analysis (though her reports were definitely way better in terms of visuals and efficiency), but honestly, I’ll miss her. She has been such a great manager to work with – extremely understanding, knowledgeable and always willing to share her knowledge with us. I really think it’s the company’s loss to lose such an employee like her, but I also know the management have their reasons doing so… and that LW also is contemplating of leaving the company too. She has been unhappy with the management (apparently this unhappiness goes both ways) and feels she’s not being appreciated (though she understands that we VAs appreciate her loads). She has continued to stick around because of us, and to be absolutely very frank, I think she probably felt somewhat relieved that she can leave this place sooner than expected. If this company doesn’t appreciate her, then she’s better off in some other company where her skillset is being valued. I really do miss her a lot, but… life goes on. Work goes on.

Karen has promised us that our work scope remains the same for now. Vanessa has promised us that we will not merge with Compliance for now (she knows we dislike CB and wouldn’t want her to be our lead). I’m not sure how this will go, but…. we’ll deal with the issues one step at a time, one day at a time. I’m sure we’ll be able to get through this.

It’s been quite mentally draining these few weeks. I don’t like to dwell on negative feelings, but can’t help feeling slightly down due to all the above issues – the unexpected exits of my FMs, my Mom’s constant nagging and dissuasion regarding my upcoming Japan trip… sigh. I’m sure I’ll be fine after awhile.

I’m back in contact with Miles (whom I stopped corresponding with last year). Because, well, he seems to be really sincere in maintaining the friendship… I wasn’t too keen to chat with him on WeChat (partly because I don’t think we have much common topics to chat about), so since I’m back on Slowly, may as well revert to communicating and keeping the friendship alive via letters again. It’s so extremely rare for me to meet an online penpal in person and to have met his Dad in person as well… so, I guess I should cherish this weird 缘分…


OK, so I haven’t been updating in a while now…

Back from the February short trip from Tokyo – honestly nothing much to write about. Not sure if I’ll even up date the travel site… maybe, maybe not. I’ll see if I’m in the mood this weekend.

Bruno suddenly said he will not be travelling with me in the future. Honestly, I don’t quite care if he’s coming or not. I just need to find someone to fly with me or I’d need to persuade my mom to let me fly alone.

Or I’ll just pretend that I’m still flying with Bruno while I’m travelling by myself.

Not sure which path I’d take.

I’ll think about it a bit more…

It’s March already, that’s fast… still thinking who I can go with for the December Japan trip.

Aer Go Pack 2

Yay, so my Aer Go Pack 2 is finally here! I got it to replace my Bellroy Lite Daypack which I’ve used for a year. When I travel, I will always carry a packable (i.e. squishable/rollable) daypack and squish it into the bottom compartment of my larger Tom Bihn Techonaut 30 travel backpack. Hence I’m always on the lookout for a good lightweight squishable backpack.

A side by side comparison: Aer Go Pack 2 is wider but slightly shorter, while Bellroy Lite Daypack is slightly “taller” while narrower.

Both are 20L, with Bellroy way lighter at 350g while Aer is around 590g. This is due to the fact that Bellroy’s material is a lot thinner (though supposedly ripstop material) while Aer uses 210D cordura nylon. But whilst both are sitting at 20L capacity, I should point out that the water bottle pocket for Bellroy is inside the bag, taking up interior space, while Aer has very deep side pockets which don’t quite take up interior space when filled up.

A look at the straps – Aer definitely has more padding, while Bellroy’s… um, well it’s better than no padding right?

After using Bellroy Lite Daypack for a year, while it’s really super light and extremely squishable, I really didn’t like the fact that the water bottle pocket is inside the bag as this makes it super awkward to get to the bottle when the bag is full. I love the chalk colour, and while it’s washable, I have to admit that it gets marks and stains rather easily (even though I’ve been very careful with it!). Bellroy updated this model and came out with Lite Ready Pack, which has a water bottle side pocket on the exterior now. I almost bought that… Good thing I didn’t.

Aer was on my “TBC” list since a couple of years back, but I never got around exploring their bags. I was looking at one of the many travel backpack videos on YouTube again when I took notice of this Aer Go Pack 2, and realised hey, it actually ticks all the boxes for me. Deep exterior water bottle pocket, rugged exterior material, huge interior compartment space, awesome padding on straps while still being somewhat squishable (doesn’t squish as much as Bellroy but it’ll do). Can’t wait to use it during my JP trip in 2 weeks’ time!


等Windows系统更新,等到我都发霉了… 这次的更新怎么那么久啊… 30分钟了还在“Getting Windows ready Don’t turn off your computer”… 我真是服了…