2022 – Happy New Year

Time flies.

It’s another brand new year.

Here’s hoping it’ll be a better year for all of us.

Time to change the layout of the blog… I’m still a huge fan of 周深, but not that super crazy anymore. Still listening to his songs everyday though… :) I’m not 100% sure but I think I won’t get tired of his voice anytime soon…




What A Tiring Day

I hate closing periods…

It’s so rushed, and on top of that we got so many interruptions at work. How to keep within the deadlines…?

I’m so glad I’m working from home… where 周深’s voice is able to accompany me throughout the entire day.










当然, 我回老板的语气是很不友好的。




周深 《玦恋》 三版





Music has no language barrier (?)

They always say “music has no language barriers; music has no boundary”.

While I agree with that, there are just times where if you just understand what the lyrics is all about, you’ll feel the song even more.

This is probably the reason why I fell in love with 周深 a lot faster and a lot deeper than Dimash. Both of them bring me into their world with their vocals and artistry. However, I’m feeling way more connected to 周深 because I am able to understand what he’s singing, and the emotions came through even more.

I had listened to my self-created YouTube playlist for Dimash non-stop for a good period last year, and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to listen to other singers anymore because his techniques, his artistry is just top notch. At that time, other singers seemed to pale when compared with him.

Until I sat down to listen to 周深…

Listening to 周深 non-stop makes the busy work days less stressful (I’m absolutely serious). I’m less frustrated, less temperamental while listening to his songs in the background while I work. (I get frustrated when someone calls and interrupted the songs though LOL!)

*Goes back to listening to his songs*

12.6.2021 – The Day I Became 生米

I’ve heard of 周深 many years back. I knew he had a feminine voice, but that’s all I knew. I didn’t spend time to sit down and really listen to his singing until 12th June 2021.

I was looking through those “vocal coach reactions” on YouTube, when I decided to watch one reacted to 周深, and… down the rabbit hole I went.

His voice was feminine, yes, so I wasn’t surprised. But I was so surprised by how ethereal and how angelic his voice was. My attention was straightaway being captured by his singing, whether it’s a live performance or it’s just a static picture on the YouTube video. He just brings the listener into HIS world.

A few days later, I find myself watching those variety shows with him appearing in them… he seems to be so down to earth, so caring, so funny, so.. so real. And then when he sings, he turns into this 小王子… so endearing and so attractive.